Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The only thing I can think of to compare speech to is a roller coaster. Or that's how it is for me. One day we are up and having a great time and learning and then the next session we come crashing down. One session MK is working and talking and the next session she is throwing herself on the floor and will not cooperate. I don't mean to whine or complain, but it can be quite draining. Really draining. And frustrating.

Here's my theory on why speech is so hard for us. Just my opinion. Speech, at times, requires MK to sit down and be still. MK is not really good at sitting down and being still. She's a mover. Always on the go. So getting her to sit and be attentive and complete a task is pretty difficult right now, especially if she's not 100% interested in it. I'd like to think it's that way for most soon to be 22 month olds, but I could be wrong. It might just be a problem we have.

Monday's session went really well and I was so thankful. Instead of having MK work the entire time, the therapists (our actual SLP and then our student SLP) had MK work for a little while and then "play" for a little while. And the therapists were sneaky. The "play" was really work, but it was so much fun that MK didn't have a clue she was actually working. For instance, we would sit at the table and work on a puzzle or book and then we would all stand up and dance and sing "Ring-a-round-the-rosie". Mk thought it was fun and she loves to dance, but it was also motivating her to talk and make sounds. Perfect. I hope we have many, many more sessions like Monday. Because days like Monday make the roller coaster seem a little less scary.

Occupational Therapy

We only see our OT once a month and I may have updated since we last saw her. Personally, (and I may be a little biased) I think MK's fine motor skills are right on. She can complete puzzles, put shapes in the shape sorter, use a spoon (to the best of her ability), stab food with a fork, pick things up with her pincher grasp, brush her hair, etc. It's funny though. We first had MK evaluated because of her fine motor skills and now they seem to be her strong point and she really hasn't had that much therapy. We see our OT again this week so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Physical Therapy

MK loves PT and her therapist. She works really hard and I think it's because she doesn't know she's working and because she gets to move, move, move. MK is walking very well and very fast, running, kicking a ball, throwing a ball and trying her hardest to catch a ball. She can walk up and down the stairs with assistance. And she is trying so, so hard to jump. She wants to so badly, but she can't quite figure out how to get her feet off of the ground. It's the cutest thing ever. I really need to get a video of that.

Early Intervention

We are now on our third EI and we have only been in the system for a year and a half. It seems we get a new EI every 6 months. Our new EI is really good. She has a lot of great ideas and seems really motivated. She's fresh out of school and I think it really makes a difference. She has a great attitude and MK seems to already love her. Lola really likes her too and that says a lot. While she's here we work on PT things, OT things and even speech. We do it all. We used to see our EI once a week, but we have now moved to once every two weeks. I am really liking our new schedule.

In August our EI will evaluate MK again. She gets evaluated every six months. At that time we will see where she is in regards to gross motor, fine motor, language etc. And we will decide what she still needs, if we need to make any changes or if we need to make any additions. I'm anxious to see what the evaluation shows and what our next steps will be.


Allison Babb said...

The average attention span of a child is 3-4 minutes per year of life. So MK should be attenting 8 minutes max. No one expects an almost 2 year old to sit an attend for a whole session. In my opinion the first work then play will increase on task learning far more than sitting at a table for a long time. A good therapist can "hide" learning in play. It sounds like you have a good one right now! I keep tossing around the idea of getting my masters in speech. Maybe one day....

CAW said...

google: define therapy-
"the act of caring for someone"
Morgan Kate is lucky to be loved by the someones caring for her especially YOU - all I can say is hands down to you for caring enough to give your child THE very best and in the end you will know it was all worth the roller coaster ride- so sit back- hold your hands up- it's ok to scream- and let the good times roll ....
ps I think you are forgetting to teach MK the most important therapy there is known to woman:

Stacy said...

Our son, Tanner, was in early intervention therapy until he "graduated" into the school district (at age 3 when we lived in Kansas). We were told by a great therapists that kids can mature / make progress on 1 - 2 different areas at a time. So, if Tanner were really catching up / doing well on fine motor, then he would have difficulties progressing in speech. If he did well in speech, then the fine motor would lag a bit.

She was right on - we noticed then that his abilities advanced by large leaps in single areas, and then he'd develop a big leap in another area.

So, my moral - keep working. It is helping even though it may take a while to see the fruits of your efforts.

Ashleigh Turner said...

MK's speech sessions sound just like my sessions with all of my home health kiddos - very typical! I just have to get really sneaky/creative to find new ways to "hide" learning. Ha! Sounds like she's making wonderful progress in all areas, and you may be able to deacrease a little at her next review. That will free up your schedule some! Great work MK - and Mommy and Daddy! :)

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I bet therapy is a great way to document milestones! One thing I worry about with the twins is not paying attention to when/how they develop certain things. I love how in tune you are to MK and everything that she is doing. I hope I can be the say way for Elsie and Eli!

Oh! And my Emily just turned five, and she struggles to sit still! When MK is ready for school, she's going to rock at sitting through circle time! :)