Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Word Wednesday - Last Edition

I really feel like Morgan Kate has had a language explosion in the last few weeks. I feel like her gross motor and fine motor skills are all coming so naturally for her at this point and now she is really taking off in the language department. It's just all coming together! She is just talking all of the time these days. Seventy percent of the time we really have no clue what she is saying (she wants us to though), but the other thirty or so percent makes perfect sense. It's so hard to keep up with her new words because she will try her hardest to repeat anything you say - so she's really saying a lot!

She's been saying "thank you" for a while now, but only when we say it first. For the past few days she's been saying it on her on and it cases where it makes perfect sense. We give her a snack, she says "tha-oo". We give her a kiss, she says "tha-oo". We give her milk, she says "tha-oo". It's just the sweetest thing. She's also using more two word phrases such as "more please" and "help please". I have the best intentions of catching all of this on video and it never works out. My goal is to start getting better at that, so that I can share all her wonderful words with you!


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

That is so good to hear Heather. I know you have a much greater peace about going back to work considering all of the progress MK has made in speech and pt. I am looking forward to giving you a big hug at the district kick off. I may even stop by to see your classroom if I can find some extra time in the next week! Love are going to be great!

jan kessler said...

Love the new look for the blog. I copied that picture to my computer and phone. Love that picture yesterday also downloaded, uploaded whichever also.

Love you guys,

Give Morgan Kate hugs and kisses from Aunt J and MaMa