Thursday, September 16, 2010

This week I have been missing my girl. Lots. Yes, I see her every morning and every afternoon/evening, but it's just not enough. I've been playing the "Just-a-few-weeks-ago-I-was-doing-this (fill in the blank)-on-this-day (fill in the blank)". You know the one where you think back to what you were doing a week ago or a month ago or even a year ago on that very same day. Maybe I'm the only one who plays this ridiculous game. It's pure torture so I'm not sure why I even play, but I do. This week the game has gone a little like this:

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I remember when I stayed home, Tuesdays were my favorite days. No appointments, no meetings, no obligations. I could spend all day on Tuesdays in my PJs and just love on Morgan Kate whenever I wanted to. We would play and play and play some more. Nap and then play again. Tuesdays are NOT like that anymore.

Ahhh, Fridays. Fridays were another great day for me and Morgan Kate. We would sleep in. When she woke up around 9:30 I would run into her room and excitedly carry her to the den to have breakfast and read a book. We would read, snuggle, play with puzzles and then if we were feeling extra froggy we would take a walk around the neighborhood.

I know I shouldn't play this game. And I don't know why I do. Like I said, it's absolute torture. I'm just really missing my time at home with my baby girl. Thank goodness tomorrow is a Friday and the weekend is right around the corner. These days, I live for the weekends!

I just had to share this video. This is a classic example of how Morgan Kate is so much like Travis, yet so like me. Here she is in her monogrammed pink bloomers, shirtless, crawling up and down the slide. Of course the monogrammed pink bloomers would represent me. Not the shirtless part. Ha! And the shirtless, crawling all over the place would be Travis. Morgan Kate is such a girly girl, but yet so very tomboyish. I love it!

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