Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morgan Kate no longer takes multiple daily medications.

Morgan Kate no longer has numerous weekly doctor appointments.

Morgan Kate no longer needs oxygen or a feeding tube.

Morgan Kate no longer receives or needs physical therapy.

And as of today, she no longer receives or needs occupational therapy. She has been officially discharged. She has graduated!

Morgan Kate began receiving OT services in the spring of 09. There were some concerns about her reaching and grasping. After a thorough evaluation she qualified for OT services. We received those services for several months. At the end of the summer/beginning of fall our OT took another job and at that time she discharged us. I still had a few concerns, but figured that I would give it a few weeks/months before I made any requests. Almost four months later I requested that MK be evaluated again for OT. I still had some minor concerns about how often and in what manner she was using her hands, fingers, arms, etc. This time she just barely made the requirements to receive OT. We began our second round of OT in early March. Right about that same time I began to see vast improvements in all areas, especially fine motor skills. I'm not sure if it was her age, a growth spurt. I don't know. But as the months went on MK continued to improve (rapidly) and today when she was re-evaluated she placed out of services. Of course, I had mixed emotions. Don't I always? I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that she no longer needed services, but I was so sad to tell our OT goodbye. I hate goodbyes. Fortunately, our OT lives close and we run into one another from time to time.

As of today, Morgan Kate is only receiving speech. And we just recently (as of last week) found out that we will only be going to speech once a week. Our SLP is going to be out on maternity leave soon and she wants to transition MK to once a week versus twice. Once she returns from leave we will reassess and decide if once a week is still working or whether we need to return to twice a week. I'm crossing my fingers for once!

We still see our EI twice a month because MK still qualifies for speech and our EI handles our "case". But other than that, we are crossing things off of our list. And it feels great!


Kathy Hardison said...

Best news I have heard all week : ly&my

Kelly Lee said...

God is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy Morgan Kate!!!!!