Thursday, October 21, 2010

One day I think we are on the right track and that the antibiotic is working for Morgan Kate's ear infection. The next day I'm not so sure. One night Morgan Kate sleeps the entire night through and never makes a sound. The next night she's up for hours. Last night was an up night and today, or this afternoon rather, was a day I questioned whether or not the antibiotic is/was working. Right this very minute Morgan Kate is still awake (9:15 PM) and crying in her crib. I have let her cry. I have rocked her. I have rubbed her back. And she continues to cry. Oh, and she has started this nice screaming cry where she cries for a little bit, then screams, then calls our names, screams again and then cries some more. It's intense. If tonight and tomorrow continue to be up nights and difficult days then I just may have to call Dr. G back. This is not my girl at all. 

On a happier note. One of her little friends from Roddey's just returned from a trip to Disney World and brought Morgan Kate back this little Minnie Mouse. It's absolutely adorable and Morgan Kate has been carrying it around everywhere. She loves it! And I love that she has such sweet little friends that she is learning so much from! 

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Kelly Lee said...

Thats so sweet! She is getting so much hair:) Hope she starts to feel better SOON!!!