Monday, March 14, 2011

As of today, Team Morgan Kate has raised $635. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that have donated. Our walk is in less than a month and I am getting more and more excited. I think I mentioned last week that I always tend to get a little (more) emotional around "walk time" and I tend to think more about MK's birth. As you all know, it's never very far from my mind, but it's especially present during certain times - the walk being one of them. It makes me look at my baby girl with a whole new set of eyes. It makes me appreciate my husband and our marriage even more. It makes me even more grateful for my terrific family and friends. It makes me hug people tighter and thank God more frequently for all that I have.

Lately there has been so much sadness, and that too makes me hold MK and Travis a little tighter. Earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. The loss of a mother for children that attend my school. Infertility and miscarriage for family and friends. Cancer. I know all of these things have always existed, but now that I am a grown-up and wife and a mother, they hit me in an entirely different way. They make me heart stop and my mind wander. 

However, at the same time, there has also been lots of happiness. A one year birthday celebration for my nephew, Hunter. Just six short weeks to my brother's wedding. Some really wonderful news for one special and wonderful couple that are near and dear to our hearts. And the engagement of my cousin and his girlfriend, Claire. Luckily, those things bring a big smile to my face. Oh, and the design of our Team Morgan Kate shirts...

So, I realize they aren't that different. I showed the proof to Travis and he said, "Isn't that the shirt from last year?" They are in fact very similar, BUT the front font is completely different and I added the name of the walk. The back design is exactly the same, but the font is different. Oh, and the shirts will be GRAY with dark purple writing. I LOVED our shirts from last year, so it was very difficult to come up with a new design. If you would like to order one please email me at Let me know how many and what size. I will need all orders by March 23rd and I will need all money by March 31st. And if you have already told me, but didn't email me, please shoot me an email and remind me. I don't want to forget anyone! At this time we have 36 orders (maybe more), so the total cost of one shirt as of today (subject to change) is $11.15. If we get just 12 more orders then the price will drop to $9.28 and if we get 36 more orders then each shirt will only be $8.58. 

Oh, and check out what my mom has agreed to do:

I would like to offer a challenge. For every tshirt order placed, my husband and I will donate $1 to the March of Dimes up to $150.00. Maybe you could consider making a challenge like that. Could be alot of fun but most importantly, it is for a good cause. 

How awesome is that! Looks like my mom and dad are already up to $36!

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Nancy Bozard said...

The Bozard-Graham family would like to place an order for MOD t-shirts.
2 - XL
1 - L
1 - 5 T
1 - 3 T

I will get the money to your mom along with a donation.