Friday, May 13, 2011

If you have read this blog for any amount of time then you will know that when it comes to parenting skills and moving forward with new ideas/skills/concepts/milestons, etc., I am quite the procrastinator. I have several notions of my own about why I procrastinate with these things. One, it's just my nature. I don't act on things right away. I don't make big decisions right away. I don't even do small things right away. I'm more of a thinker. I think about why I want to do something, how I'm going to do something and what that might look, sound and feel like. Thank goodness that Travis is my total opposite in this regard, therefore, we balance each other out nicely. Two, I try so hard to let Morgan Kate just be Morgan Kate. I try to let her tell me when she's ready for things. I don't watch and compare her to every other two year old. I let her do what she's ready for and so far that's worked pretty well for us. And three, sometimes I can't help but wonder if she will be our only baby. And if so, then subconciously and conciously I hold on to some things a lot longer. A lot.

There are lots of things I have procrastinated with when it comes to Morgan Kate and one of the more recent things has been potty training. It seems like it would only make sense to do it sooner than later. Sooner would mean less diapers which would mean less money, but that really doesn't bother me or motivate me. It is what it is. It's one of those things where again, I'm just procrastinating. Last fall my plan was to work on it during Christmas break. Christmas break rolled around and I pushed it until Spring break. Spring break came and went and I pushed it until summer break. (Summer break begins in three weeks. Yikes!) She has her own little potty and every now and then I'll ask her if she wants to use it. If she brings it up or asks to go, then of course we go right away. But, that's really it. A few days ago she told me she wanted to take dance. Roddey teaches dance and two of MK's little friends take dance, so she really wants to participate. I told her that she couldn't take dance until she used the potty. (By the way, that's the "dance rules", not mine.) So, in the past few days she's been a little more interested. She's peed in the potty several times and of course, we've made a tremendous deal about it. But, she's never poopied in the potty. She's more of a "hider". When she needs to go she runs to the nearest hiding spot, does her business and then comes to tell me.

All of that changed today.

Today, she did big girl business in the potty. I wasn't there to witness it, but I received THE best phone call with one proud girl on the other end. "Mommy, I poo-pooed in the potty!!!!!" She was so excited and I just had the biggest grin. I was so proud of her, but the best part was how proud she was of herself. You could just hear the pride and excitement in her voice. And of course, I had a few sad tears in my eyes. Sad because my baby really is growing up. But, those only lasted for maybe 5.2 seconds and I was over it. My next thought was what was I going to get her for being such a big girl. After all that work you definitely need a new toy or something.

Side note here, but how awesome is it that I wasn't there when this happened, but Roddey is so fabulous that she stopped everything she was doing to call me and let MK share her news. My heart couldn't be happier about where MK is everyday!

I know this doesn't mean that I can just give up all diapers, but this is such a huge step for her and for me. I'm so, so proud of her!

Way to go, Morgan Kate! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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Anonymous said...

Buy MK DANCE shoes-PINK BALLET SLIPPERS- They don't make noise but she can play and dance in them. Way to go MK!! Aunt Daveen

P.S. I'll tell will MK wants to take Dance.