Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Occasionally, and I emphasis occasionally, I get an inkling to cook. Usually it's because I've visited a blog and I've seen a really neat recipe. Or I have read a magazine and thought, "Wow, that looks kind of easy". Because let's face it, I want my life to be as easy as possible. It's funny because I tell myself that I don't like to cook, but when I actually do take the time to really do it, I enjoy it. Travis tells me that what I cook is really good. And I believe him. It really is pretty good. Most of the time. This one time I cooked some sort of enchilada casserole and let's just say, I will never, ever do that again. And if I do, Travis and Owens will remind me of why I should never, ever do that again.

Anyway, last week or maybe the week before that, I saw this recipe for lasagna cups. It made me stop, ponder and then I decided to be brave and actually try them myself. I love lasagna and these were like little tiny bites of lasagna. And they seemed pretty easy and pretty quick. I was definitely intrigued. I scribbled down the recipe, sent Travis to the grocery store and one night last week I cooked them. I followed the recipe exactly, except it called for wonton wrappers, which we couldn't find. Therefore, I used filo dough. (And no, I didn't think of that on my own.) 

This is how they turned out:

Now, they may not be as eye-pleasing as the ones Amanda (And no, I don't know her personally.) cooked up, but I promise you they are just as mouth-watering. People, these things were amazing. I could not get over how delicious they were OR how easy they were to make. I was pretty darn pleased with myself. Travis loved them and even MK took a few bites. Definitely a recipe I will file way in the "Must Try Again and Again and Again" folder. 


mary wood said...

those look yummy. next time you make them, let me know, and i'll help you eat them.

Anonymous said...

They look great! I would love to know how to cook them...Enjoy your last few days of school! See you in July!

Anonymous said...

Heather...these look yummy!!! Maybe you could share this recipe...I love lasagna :) Have a great weekend...Ms. Phala