Thursday, June 30, 2011

I attempted to blog last night and each time I hit save it read, "Error occurred while saving." It must have done this for about twenty minutes. I eventually gave up and just watched reruns of Law and Order. My hope was to upload some pictures today, but that didn't happen. Just like last night I am already in the bed, snuggled down and too lazy to head back to our computer/guest/storage room and upload pictures on our desktop. In lieu of pictures I'll just share some of the things that have been going on around these parts:

1. Tomorrow we are headed dowtown to attend the parade to celebrate the Gamecocks. The University of South Carolina (my alma mater) baseball team just won another National Championship. This makes two years in a row! We went to the parade last year and had a blast, so I'm really excited about going tomorrow.

2. I don't ever have the energy during the school year to deep clean and/or organize around our house, so it should go without saying that there is always lots to do. This summer I have found some energy and I am actually enjoying getting my house together. My project this week has been our closet. And it's a mighty big project. I have just two more things to do and I think I will be done. I am also excited to share the before and after pictures. Well, I'm not so excited to share the before pictures because they are just awful, but if I don't then you won't truly appreciate the after pictures.

3. I'm happy to report that Morgan Kate has been sleeping better. She hasn't screamed any this week. Thank the good Lord above. I hate to even write about it because as sure as I do she'll start screaming again. She's still getting up around 4 most mornings and crying because she's "scared", so one of us usually gets up to get her and she comes back to our bed and goes straight to sleep. It's actually been really nice because she's an awesome snuggler and I love to just have her beside me so peaceful and still.

4. I am not happy to report that we gave up on potty training, at least for right now. People, it was hard work and I just wasn't ready for all of that. I don't think Morgan Kate was either. She was so uninterested and nothing seemed to motivate her. She knows when she is going, she tells me, she holds her diaper while she's doing it and then she runs from me while screaming, "No get me, Mommy." Maybe I should have been more persistent. Maybe I should have pushed her harder. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But, I didn't. And I'm really okay with it. I'll try again soon. Maybe.

5. I'm just now realizing that in the next ten minutes it will be July 1st. JULY. I love summer, but it is going by so darn fast. This may just be one of my most favorite summers ever and I want it to slow down. SLOW. Every morning MK wakes up and says, "No go to work, Mommy." I just smile and hug her and say, "Nope. Mommy is not going to work today." It is going to break my heart into a million pieces when August rolls around and I have to tell her different. I know, I know. I should just chill out and enjoy that I still have quite a few weeks left, but my heart is a little anxious thinking about it.

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