Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some recent, hilarious and not so hilarious, things that have come out of Morgan Kate's mouth. And dear friends, you can't make this kind of stuff up.

1. Earlier this evening we were at Lowe's getting some more things for my slighty obessive need for organization and as we were walking out Travis asked Morgan Kate to hold his hand. She was insistent that she walk like a "big girl" and we were insistent that she hold our hand while walking out of the store. Trav said something like, "Get someone's hand, Morgan Kate." She quickly folded her hands together, looked up with the biggest eyes and said, "Daddy, I have my hand. I'm holding my hand. I'm holding Morgan Kate's hand." Come on people, what do you do with that?

2. For months she has called herself "Ah-Kate", but just recently, like in the past week, she has started saying her name much clearer. She now says, "Moh-gen Kate". I love it.

3. If we discipline her or raise our voice in any fashion, Morgan Kate will look at us, stick out her bottom lip and say, "Mommy, you hurt my feelings" or "Mommy, you make me sad". Ocassionally, and I emphasis ocassionally, when she does something that requires a little pat on her bottom or thigh, she will say, "Mommy, you hurt me" or "Mommy, you no hit". Again, what do you do with that? I'm mean seriously.

4. Two of her new favorite expressions these days are, "Oh goodness" and "My gracious".

5. Earlier this evening I also got a small taste of what MK's teenage years might look and sound like. She loves playing with our alarm clocks. She loves the buttons and loves even more to turn on the radio and dance. She was playing with Trav's alarm clock last night and then this morning it never went off. Oops. Anyway, this evening she was playing with mine and I asked her to stop. She continued. I asked her to stop again. She continued. I asked her to stop again, except this time I asked a little bit louder. She turned to me, made this awful face and said, " I no like Mommy". Oh, it stung. Not something I was ready to hear yet. I mean I knew that obviously at some point in her life those words were going to come out of her mouth, but I was thinking I had a few more years. Travis was in the room and told her that what she said wasn't nice and that it hurt Mommy's feelings. Several minutes later she came over, hugged my legs and said, "Sorry". Less than an hour later she was snuggling in my lap and saying over and over, "I luh you, Mommy. I luh you." And just like that, I felt better.

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Kathy Hardison said...

I can hear her saying those things. When she tells you that you have hurt her feelings....both that does sting! Miss her and you :)