Monday, June 20, 2011

We had an awesome weekend that I just cannot wait to blog about. I'm still getting all of my thoughts together and trying to sift through my three hundred and some odd photos. Until then, here's a sweet picture of my precious girl...

I have been laughing hysterically for the past ten minutes. I was looking back at some of my previous posts, specifically this post. It's funny how things hit me after the fact. There were two errors in this post. One that my brother so kindly pointed out the minute he read it. Might I point out that this brother is the same brother who asked me to help write all of his papers in college and now he is attempting to proofread my posts. He sent me a text the minute he saw it and I, after laughing until I cried, went back and fixed my error. I had written -Hindsight's 50/50, right? Sounded good when I wrote it. And it sounded right. Owens informed me that it's not 50/50, but rather 20/20. Oops. I knew this. Really, I did. But 50/50 sounded right at the time. The second error I just caught myself, literally like five seconds ago. I was trying to use an example within my post and I wrote "point in case", rather than "case in point". It is "case in point", right? I'm still laughing at myself. I guess I got so caught up in the post that I didn't realize the things I was writing. Who knows? At least I can go back and edit and revise. That's what good writers do. Ha. Good thing I don't embarrass easily because I'm sure I make mistakes in my posts every single time I write. Forgive me. Just like my writing, I'm a work in progress.  

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Meesh Hays said...

Oh, see, we will fix this. We will start saying "Hindsight's 50/50" until it completely catches on. I am just sayin'.