Thursday, July 7, 2011

You may remember that last year this time I took Morgan Kate to a very special parade

Well, this year we got to go again. Yes, folks. My University of South Carolina baseball team won the National Championship for the second year in a row. How about that? And yes, I affectionately call them mine. After all, USC is my alma mater. 

This year Melissa and I took our girls and Melissa's niece joined us. We had the best time! We went to the same exact spot where we were last year and had the best seats in the house or should I say, on the street. The parade was a lot longer this year. Apparently, everyone wanted to be included this year - every politician, local baseball team and even the Miss South Carolina contestants. Morgan Kate enjoyed every minute and when it was over she cried for more. The girl loves a parade, a party, anything that involves people, loud music and lots of smiles. I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on her. 

It was a great day for a celebration and an even better day for spending time with good friends.

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