Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm still here. I have bags under my eyes, a "to-do" list ten miles long and dishes piling up in the sink, but I'm still here. We are still here. Just adjusting to our new back to school routine. And while it's been so much easier this year emotionally, it's been so much harder physically. I just can't seem to get it all done and in a timely fashion. Whewh.

In order to play catch up, I will use a bulleted list:
-So far I think I have a really good class. Super sweet and super excited about learning. Most of the time.
-We celebrated Morgan Kate's third birthday this past weekend with a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party. Pictures to come. MK was so excited and just soaked in everything. It was so much fun just watching her. I can't believe my baby is turning three. Wow.
-Today I went to MK's new preschool and filled out an enormous packet of information. Okay, so it wasn't enormous, but it was a lot or at least it felt that way. It felt so weird filling it out and thinking about her being in "school". Not sure if my heart is ready for this. While we were there we met her teacher. So, so excited about her teacher. Also while we were there, MK found these colored worms and began sorting them by colors. Another teacher nearby was quite impressed with her color sorting skills. I, of course, was impressed as well. Smart, smart girl. Next week we have parent orientation and meet the teacher.

I promise to incorporate pictures into my next post. Promise.

Oh, and a special "Happy Birthday" to one of our miracle friends, Agus! Happy 3rd birthday, sweet girl!!

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