Monday, August 29, 2011

Tonight was Parent Orientation Night at Morgan Kate's new preschool. I wasn't sure how I would do. Let's face it, I'm way emotional, especially when it comes to her. I did find myself welling up a few times, maybe only twice actually, but it  wasn't sadness at all. Instead? Pure happiness and excitement. I LOVE her preschool and I'm so excited about where she is going to be. She is going to absolutely love it! 

The moment I walked into the room I knew it was the place for her. I just sat there and imagined her playing at all of the centers, working on her artwork and singing silly songs. The instant I met the teachers I knew it was a perfect fit for not only Morgan Kate, but myself as well. I know they are going to love my girl and take the best care of her. It also makes my heart happy that one of the teachers is the parent of a child I taught several years ago. I could not be happier!

Wednesday morning Travis will take her to "Meet the Teacher". Thursday morning she will have her very first day of preschool. Between now and then Travis and I have some homework to complete. And somewhere in there we need to work on convincing ourselves that our baby girl is old enough for "big school". It's going to be a busy week, but an AWESOME one! 


Andy & Megan said...

Preschool!! YAY! Have fun Morgan Kate!

Melissa and Sam said...

Love it!!