Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today Morgan Kate got to meet her new teachers.
Morgan Kate and Mrs. Watson
I know this one is blurry, but just look at the way MK is gazing up at her. I love it!
Morgan Kate and Mrs. Pollok - I taught Mrs. Pollok's daughter several years ago.
Each student was given a special time to come and meet the teachers with several other students. Morgan Kate and Andrew, her friend from Roddey's, are in the same class and had the same time. They are such a cute little pair and really enjoy playing together. Today was no different.
Andrew checking out the class pets, Splish and Splash.
I wasn't able to go, but Travis and Roddey went and took so many pictures for me. I was so thankful. As you can see, Morgan Kate had no problem making herself at home.

I still can't get over that tomorrow my baby girl goes to "school". How does this happen so fast?

Morgan Kate loved every minute and when it was time to leave she cried because she wanted to stay. Tomorrow is her first "real day" and I will be there to walk her in. Tune back in tomorrow for pictures of my "school girl". Praying I keep it together!

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