Monday, August 8, 2011

We returned yesterday from spending a few days with my mom and dad, or in Morgan Kate's words, Kaka and Gator. We had THE best time. MK and I were there for a few days longer than Travis. He was out of town for a few days last week so MK and I left early. My parents spoiled us rotten. As always. Crab legs and shrimp for dinner one night, out to eat another night, burgers on Friday evening and BBQ on Saturday. Homemade breakfasts. Boiled peanuts. Shopping. Riding four wheelers. A trip to the farm. You name it, we did it. And had a great time doing it. One of my favorite moments of my time at home was watching MK and Kaka cook breakfast. My mom is always so good about letting MK help with things and MK loves it. Saturday morning the two of them cooked us all homemade egg toast (french toast, egg bread, whatever). 
Morgan Kate loved helping, but her favorite part was eating butter right out of the container. I know. Gross, right? I think so. Morgan Kate loves butter. And quite frankly, it grosses me out a little.
Not only did we get to spend time with my parents, but with Uncle Kyle, Hunter and both of my grandmothers. It was a weekend definitely good for the heart. I adore spending time with my family and this weekend I got to do just that. 
Look at this precious boy! I had not seen Hunter in quite some time and he has changed so much. He is walking everywhere and talking so much. He and Morgan Kate had the best time playing. They did really well sharing their toys and sharing Kaka. He is just the sweetest thing ever! 
Sunday morning they had a little dance party to Yo Gabba Gabba. It cracked me up watching them. They danced all weekend. Hunter must love dancing just as much as Morgan Kate.

When Sunday rolled around I was sad to leave. Sad to leave good times, good food, good laughs, but most importantly - good family. They are my heart!

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Kathy Hardison said...

It was such a good weekend and so nice to have MK and Hunter together - certainly could not have done it without you and your BIG heart. LY&MY