Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday mid-morning, after Morgan Kate's recheck with Dr. G (which went really well), we headed to Bryson City, NC. 
After a stop in Asheville for lunch, which proved to be rather frightening, we were on our way to ride the Polar Express!
I'm not sure who was more excited - me, Trav or Morgan Kate. The ride was beautiful and just being able to talk with my hubby was enough for me. Morgan Kate loved seeing all of the mountains and never quite really grasped that we were in fact on a mountain ourselves.
Before our ride began at 8:00 (perfect time) we walked around the little town of Bryson City and had dinner at this really good pizza place. It might not have been much on the eyes, but it was good for the tummy. 
After dinner, Morgan Kate and I put on our PJs, and the three of us waited to board the train. We were all just giddy with excitement. MK has read the book and seen the movie, but the real thing just doesn't compare.
Once aboard each table had a basket of "goodies". Morgan Kate immediately began chomping away at the gingerbread man.
She could not sit still and kept getting up and giving Trav and I both the biggest hugs and saying, "Thank you, mommy and daddy, thank you!" Melt my heart.
After snacking on a few goodies, and once the train began rolling, she and I got up and danced to a few songs. No fear, there were others dancing as well. Trav opted just to photograph the madness.
Before we knew it, it was time for hot chocolate. Oh. My. Goodness. So yummy! I love hot chocolate, but MK wasn't so sure. I don't think she liked that it was hot. She was definitely more interested in the whipped cream on top.
A cup of pure heaven.
I finished my cup, had a few sips of hers and I think I even asked Trav for some of his. 
The entire ride was so magical and just so much fun. It was definitely a night to remember!
We sang carols, danced to songs and followed along as the Polar Express book was read aloud. Our final destination was the North Pole and it was beautiful at night. Each house, big and small, was decorated and lit up with colorful lights. We saw Old St. Nick's house, Frosty's house and many more.
Much to our surprise, Santa jumped on board and greeted people, young and old.
Not only did he join us on board for a while, but he gave each child a bell and he signed our copy of the Polar Express. 
We had the best time and recommend this trip to anyone. Seeing the excitement in her eyes and feeling the excitement in our hearts is absolutely priceless! 


Kelly Lee said...

Thanks for sharing...I enjoyed looking at all these pictures. Seeing Christmas through a childs eye has to be so magical. Love you all.

CAW said...

wow. i want to do that so bad and we never make time. bert's birthday is the 22nd so we end up whereever they are serving all you can eat crab legs.
love love love this post. thanks for sharing !!