Thursday, December 15, 2011

Morgan Kate had a little Christmas celebration at preschool today. It was her first little school party and it was my first time sending in baked cookies. Lots of firsts. It was the sweetest little party and as usual, I had the biggest smile!
When we arrived the children were dressed as reindeer complete with red noses. They started by singing some of the songs they have been learning. They sang the sweetest song about a donkey on its way to Bethlehem (I'm humming the song as I type this) and another song about Mary and Baby Jesus. It just melts my heart to hear her sing anything, but especially about songs that have such meaning. Then they sang some of their "silly songs". Out of the twelve children singing there were eleven not really singing at all. One little girl, not MK, was singing her heart out. 
After their songs they had a special snack that consisted of sweets and salties and then a juice. I don't know if you can see in the picture below, but there is a stark difference in cookies. Last night as I was baking my sugar cookies and sprinkling my sprinkles I was just beaming with pride. I was so happy to fix a snack for her class and to send it in. Until. Until I arrived and saw my competition - reindeer cookies complete with chocolate covered pretzels and M&Ms. Wow. My cookies stood no chance. However, none of that really mattered because my girl kept picking up my little tiny attempt at a cookie and saying, "I love my mommy's cookies. She bake them for me." Heart melting.
Of course after the celebration Travis and I had to head back to work. It had been a perfect morning until we tried to put her in Roddey's car. Enter our next first of the day. Instead of willingly getting in the car, like always, she put up quite the fight and screamed her head off. I have seriously never seen her act that way. I think she was just out of her routine and honestly I think she thought Travis and I were heading off to do something fun without her. Poor girl. And poor Roddey. It was rough. Thankfully it wasn't long before Roddey said she was all smiles again.
The little dress/shirt she wore is one of my favorite Christmas dresses. It is just precious and I love the nativity scene on it. I also love that it's not your typical red or green. My mom bought this dress for her back in 2009 and she can still wear it, which makes me pretty happy. So many of her Christmas dresses this year have been too short to wear as dresses, but worked perfectly as tops. 
Before we left MK gave us two gifts she made. One was an ornament with her handprint made into snowmen and a gold plate with her footprints made into the shape of a Christmas tree. Needless to say my heart has just been melting all day. 

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Kelly Lee said...

How sweet that she kept picking your cookies, she loves her mommy!!Love the pictures!!