Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few more updates. Just cause.

1. Morgan Kate has two new imaginary friends. 
Yep, I know. I'm not so sure what to think about it either. Actually, I happen to find it kind of cute. She has an extraordinary imagination. Seriously. Dabba, her first friend, is still very much present. Some days Dabba is a boy and some days Dabba is a girl. Some days Dabba is a mommy and some days Dabba is a baby. And Dabba is sick a lot. Her two new friends are Mimi and Connie. I have no clue where they came from or why these names, but Morgan Kate talks about them and to them all of the time. 

2. Dancing queen.
The girl is a serious dancing diva. No kidding. She's always moving and swaying and twirling. And she's got some mad skills. She's really pretty good at dancing and has pretty darn good rhythm. Travis says she gets it from me. I think he's just trying to crack jokes. 

3. Bed time adventures.
Bed time in a big girl bed has become quite an adventure to say the least. Just last night Morgan Kate got up two or three times before actually falling asleep. She came into our bedroom (yes, we were already in bed before 9 - don't laugh) and said, "Mommy, I did it. I sleep in my big girl bed. Now I sleep with you and Daddy." She thinks because she spent like ten minutes in her bed alone that she actually "slept" in it and now she can just "wake up" and come to bed with us. Uhhhh. Not so much, sweet girl. Before actually coming into our bedroom she just stood in the doorway and all we could see was her tiny outline. It was comical, yet kind of freaky at the same time. 

4. Sassy.
Sassy is a name she uses for everything. Every doll, every animal, ever single thing that needs a name becomes Sassy. 

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