Monday, January 16, 2012

This little girl had a fun filled weekend with her Kaka and Gator. Lots of building and baking and playing. 
And while she was enjoying one on one time with her grandparents, I was enjoying one on one time with my main squeeze. And it was very much enjoyed.
We spent the weekend at home with no real plans. We went to dinner each evening, went out for lunch on Saturday, did some shopping and enjoyed having no schedule or set plans. There were so many things I enjoyed about our little "staycation", but I most enjoyed getting to really talk with my hubby. One of my most favorite parts of the weekend was riding to Newberry Friday night to eat dinner. We took the back roads and had the best time talking and listening to music. 

We made plans for MK to visit my parents early on in the week, but as Friday got closer, I got more anxious. Or maybe I should say I felt more guilt. I felt guilty for wanting some time with my hubby. I felt guilty for wanting a night to ourselves. It was really, really eating at me, but I knew that I would enjoy it and I knew that I needed it. And I was right. We all had a terrific weekend. She got time with my parents all to herself - which she loves and they love. And we got time for us - which we love. It was a win-win situation. 

It felt like our weekend flew by (thank goodness for our day off tomorrow), but we were both so looking forward to getting our girl back and spending some time with her!

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