Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This past week (Tuesday-Tuesday) Morgan Kate was the Special Person of the Week at her school. Last Tuesday she got to take in five of her favorite pictures and talk about them during circle. She also got to take her favorite snack, she chose pink cupcakes. And she got to take her favorite book, she picked out (on her own) Just in Case You Ever Wonder
Not only did she get to bring stuff in, but she got to bring stuff home. She got to bring home Porgy the Pig, his bag, his book and his toothbrush. She and Porgy have been connected at the hip ever since. Seriously. I am dreading his return to school.
For the past week we have taken him with us everywhere and documented, as best we could, all of our adventures. He has eaten pizza with us and spent time in the swing with Morgan Kate.
He has played outside with us and even went for a ride in the wheel barrow.
He went with us to Kaka and Gator's for the weekend and got to help bake cookies.
Porgy even got to visit with Uncle Owens and Uncle Kyle for a little while.
We have had a big time with Porgy and we are sad to see him leave. However, we may be getting a Pinky to keep permanently. 

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