Sunday, January 1, 2012

We spent New Year's Eve at our house this year. We haven't done that since 2008 when Morgan Kate was born and before that we had never celebrated New Year's Eve here. Typically we go to my parent's house and ring in the New Year there. However, life with a toddler and the need for some sort of routine/schedule kept us at home this year. And while I'm not usually big fan of change, I was okay with this and it felt really nice being at home. 

Our day was really low key and very relaxing, just what I needed. My parents came up for the night and Owens ventured over for the day. Unfortunately, Owens had to work most of the weekend, so he was not able to join Trenholm and her family and the beach. I hated he had to work and couldn't be with her, but I loved that I got to spend the day with him.

We grilled on the back porch for most of the day. Well, the guys grilled, the girls had a dance party. Complete with glittery hats. 
LOVE this picture of my mom!
Even my dad, what a good sport, wore one of the glittery hats for a little while. 
We cooked lots of snacky food, but Owens decided we needed something a little more. He cooked a mean pot of collards, complete with neckbone, and a yummy pot of rice. He can definitely cook collards - he may not be the best at cooking grits (story for another post), but he can cook collards.
Not only does he enjoy cooking, but he enjoys "taste-testing" as well.
Of course MK and I worked in a few pictures during the night.
 Raven and her little family came over for the festivities.
 As did Melissa and her family.
These two families are more like my own family than friends.

After snacking and playing and dancing some more, we shot a few "age appropriate" fireworks.
The kids were amazed and in awe. Travis, of course, wanted bigger and better. 
Owens had to leave well before the ball dropped, as he had to report back to work in the wee hours of the morning.
We really had such a great night. There's nothing like being at home with family and friends.

Morgan Kate had a blast with her little friends as well. These three play so well together!
People say that what you do on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day is what you will spend a lot of time doing in the coming year. And if that's the case, then it ought to be a pretty great year. 
2012, I'm ready for you!


Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! :)

Kathy Hardison said...

Looking forward to a good year! Love you Skeeta! Happy New Year again.

Melissa and Sam said...

Don't you know it was too much fun! Loved loved loved the happiness!