Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrate good times, come on!

This past weekend we threw a special party for a very special baby boy and his very special parents.
Reid has been a part of our hearts and our family since the day he was born, but this past Friday everything was finalized with the adoption and it became "official". He is such a blessing to each one of us and an answer to so many prayers. We are so excited for Chad and Corrisa and can't wait to see what's in store for their family. The party we gave was a chance to celebrate the big day, as well as give others an opportunity to meet baby Reid. It was a day not to be forgotten!

I must say I was pretty proud of our party. There were seven couples that hosted the party and it turned out fabulous. My mom was "Head Decorator" and Trenholm and I were her "right-hand" women. 

Candy station for young and old

I was really proud of these! I made the those pretzels - all 100+ of them. 
More pretzels 

I saw an idea similar to this in a magazine and had to see if it could be duplicated. It can! 
For both of the above pictures, with Reid's name and initials, our "go-to store" was Hobby Lobby. We found the REID letters there, spray painted them and wrapped them with yarn. The initials were also from Hobby Lobby. We got his initials, mom got the letters for the word FAMILY and I got letters for the word EAT. It was win-win situation. My dad built a wood piece to stand the letters in and it worked perfectly. And yes, my mom made those tissue balls. All of them.
We had a little area where people could leave Reid messages, wishes, kind words or just love. We also included the invitation to the party.
My mom did these centerpieces and I thought they were genius. She filled glass cylinders with shredded comic strips and topped it off with a tissue ball. Love!
 I made the "Sonic" cherry limeade. It was so simple and so good - or at least I thought so.
Sign for the drink table
Our popcorn station was a hit! Trenholm had that awesome idea! People either took cups of it or just stood around and ate out of the big dish. I was one of the ones who stood around and pigged out on popcorn.
Water bottles with Reid's name and a verse from James
My mom and the proud "Grammy"
Me and my silly girl
Reid is our newest "red head"
It's so funny because when Trenholm is with us and we are around people we don't know very well they assume that she is my sister or that she is my mom's daughter and I'm the sister-in-law. 
Me and the star of the show - He is so, so sweet!
These two, who are often times inseparable, dressed alike. It was definitely a picture opportunity I couldn't miss.
Aunt Kelly and her sweet nephew
Reid is Mama Jean's third great-grandchild. Kelly's twin baby girls, Abigail and Addison, make number four and number five. How awesome is that!
Chad and Corrisa didn't want a shower with gifts. They were so thankful and so appreciative of all the things people had already done for them. They wanted a celebration. And we did celebrate, but despite their wishes we did get them a gift. We all went in together and got them a highchair. 
It was a perfect day. And a perfect party for a perfect little boy. It was a day filled with such love and gratitude from everyone who participated.

Reid, you are loved by so many people and you are a true testament to the power of prayer, patience and faith. We love you so much, sweet boy!


Megan Thiel said...

Wow!!! Amazing celebration! You and your mom are very talented! So happy for Reid and his family!

Chad and Corrisa said...

This truly was a magical day! Chad, Reid and I are still so overwhelmed by the love that was put into this special day! We are so blessed to have such amazing family!!!! We love you guys!!!!

MJP said...

Everything about this made me smile. What a blessing!