Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March for Babies is a little over a month away!
Let's raise that money and help those babies!

Sometimes when I am donating to organizations or causes I'm not sure how much to donate. I don't know whether to give a flat donation of $10, $20 or even $50, or whether I should be more creative with my donation. I also always worry if my donation is enough. Let me assure you, ANY donation made to the March of Dimes is enough. Whether it be a dollar or a hundred dollars, it is enough. It is needed. And it is appreciated. Last year one of my good buddies, Chi, had a terrific idea. She suggested that if people were struggling with how much to donate then they could donate the amount of money that was equal to their child's birth weight. Therefore, if your baby came into this world weighing seven pounds and eight ounces, well then, you could donate $7.80. If your child was a nine pound and two ounce baby, well then, you could donate $9.20. I would get off pretty light, huh?!? A whopping $1.12. Ha! Even $1.12 is a much appreciated donation! 
March for Babies 2011
Here are some other creative idea for donations:
1. Your anniversary date. Our is 7-9-05, so we could donate $7.09 or $79 or $79.05.
2. Favorite month. I actually have two favorite months - July and August. I could donate $7 or $8 or combine them and donate $15. I could also do $70 or $80.
3. Birthdate. Mine is 8-16. I could donate $8.16.
4. Year you were born. I was born in 1980. I could donate $19.80 or $80 or $1,980 (Ha, I don't think I could swing that last one.)
5. Your favorite number.
6. The number of children you have times 10. I have one, so ten dollars. My mom has three, so thirty dollars.
7. Your spare change. This wouldn't work for me because I rarely use cash. However, last year my parents collected all of the loose change around their house and took their huge "change jar" to exchange for dollar bills. I think they came up with $200 or $300 and they donated it all to the MOD.
March for Babies 2011
If you have other suggestions or ideas please leave them in the comments section. You never know who you might inspire.

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