Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Team Morgan Kate T-Shirt

Finally. After lots of brainstorming, numerous designs and four different proofs, we have made a decision. Team Morgan Kate's t-shirts for 2012 will look like this...

I realize that the shirt is not that different from previous years, but it's so hard to change it up. I really liked the shirt from the first year and last year and I wanted to incorporate many of the same things, but also add something different. Travis said the shirt for this year is his absolute favorite. He knows just what to say, doesn't he? Anyway, I hope you all like them and will want one. The very first year we sold over 100 shirts and last year we sold over 90. Wow. Just seeing those numbers amazes me. If you are interested in ordering a shirt please leave me a comment or email me at In order to get everyone their shirts on time I need all orders by April 16. So far I think we are up to 20 orders. Woo hoo! Oh, and the shirts are white.

We will only be participating in the Columbia walk this year. We love doing the Orangeburg walk, but it doesn't work with our schedule this year. The Columbia walk is on Saturday, April 28 at 9:00. PLEASE come and walk with us! We will be there early to set up our tent and goodies and we will stay after the walk to enjoy some lunch and time with friends and family. Only 31 days until the walk!!!


Kathy Hardison said...

Dad and I want two shirts a piece...two mediums and two larges, please.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Hey sweet friend,
Whenever I wear my t-shirt from last year you would not believe the people that I run into that know MK or her story. It is so inspiring! I would like to order 1 adult large shirt. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I need 2 shirts...One large and one XL for my sister... :) Go team MK!