Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday afternoon we all gathered at my parents house to celebrate Mama Jean's 82nd birthday. I can always remember how old Mama Jean is because she's 50 years older than me. I told her a few days before our gathering that I thought she should make this birthday her 79th - that way I'd still be in my twenties. 

When I say we all gathered I mean: Mama Jean, Mr. WJ, Mom, Dad, Aunt Deborah, Chad, Corrisa, Reid, Kelly, Tommy, Abigail and Addison, Owens, Trenholm, Kyle, Travis, Morgan Kate and myself. Lots of special people to celebrate a very special lady.

Not only was it a special gathering because we were celebrating Mama Jean, but it was also the first time the "girls" made their appearance. 

Abigail, who looks just like Kelly
Addison, who looks just like Tommy
Unfortunately, I didn't get to love on them or hold them or kiss them because we weren't 100% sure if my girl had pink eye or not and I did NOT want to spread that to anyone. However, there is going to be day very SOON, I just know it, that I will be able to love on them and hold them and kiss them as much as I want.

Not only did we get to spend time with the girls, but this special little boy also made an appearance. Can you say, CUTIE PIE?!? Oh my mercy. Absolutely adorable. 
While the adults were just smitten with all the babies, Morgan Kate wasn't so sure. She still doesn't understand why she can't hold and touch and smother every little baby she sees. She thinks babies, of any age, should be able to play and build and sit up and when they can't she gets a bit frustrated. She's not too crazy about baby talk either. She recently overhead me talking to a baby in my "baby talk" voice. She looked at me like I had lost my mind and said in a most disgusted tone, "Mommy, why you talk like that?" I thought I was going to die. I love her honesty. Ha!

It was such a nice day for family, for celebrating a special birthday and for spending time with little ones. I can't wait to do it again!

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