Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We just returned from a weekend at Edisto. Trenholm's birthday was Saturday and we went down to celebrate with her and her family. They have the most beautiful beach house. It rained the entire day Saturday, with the exception of a few hours that morning, and it was terrific. It forced me to stay inside and relax, something I don't do a lot of anymore. I stayed in lounge clothes all day long, ate lots of good food and just enjoyed the company I was with. My brother is so blessed to have Trenholm and her family in his life. And we are equally as blessed to have them in ours. He has in-laws, or as we affectionately call them "in-loves", that think the world of him. Of course I absolutely adore Trenholm and think she's the bestest sister evah! 

We have our first donation for Team Morgan Kate! Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you to those that have donated. I have decided to do shirts - my hubby says we just have to. I am 99.9% sure they will be white and I am trying to finalize the design now. I'll know a price for the shirts in the next day or so. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I found a bed for Morgan Kate at this precious little antique place. Well, the bed has been sanded down and is in the process of being repainted. We should have it ready by this weekend and if so then we will be getting MK's room all ready. I don't plan to repaint her room because I love the colors and the feel of the room, but furniture will be moving and wall decor will change. The rocking chair may or may not be moved out. I'm torn on what to do. Space wise, we need the chair out. Emotion wise, the chair would be fine to stay until she leaves for college. She still asks to be rocked every single night and we gladly oblige. So, the rocking chair is still up for debate. Decisions, decisions...

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