Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter...almost two weeks late.

I promptly posted about Caroline's birthday party. And our pre-Easter activities. But somewhere between work, my hubby being out of town and 130 t-shirt orders, I neglected to post about our actual Easter. And yes, I did say 130 t-shirt orders. I placed an order early Wednesday morning, but then received seven more orders that I just couldn't turn down. 

We went to my parent's house for Easter weekend. We hadn't been there in quite some time, so it was nice to catch up and relax. I always feel so relaxed at their house. It was also pretty awesome that they decided to cook 10 pounds of crab legs that Saturday night. My favorite. Needless to say, I spent the remainder of the night in a crab leg coma.

Sunday morning we went to the Easter service at the church I grew up in. My grandmother (Mama Jean) grew up there and my mom, so it's a pretty special place. It was a beautiful service and a perfect way to start Easter day.
After church we headed back to my parent's house to change and get the "goods" for our family picnic.
However, we had to stop long enough for a mini photo shoot. I mean, a girl's got to get her photos.
Each Easter, after church, we go to Mammie's (my dad's mom) for a picnic. My other grandmother, Mama Jean, also comes. It's pretty neat to have two grandmothers who do so much together.
Morgan Kate and my cousin's little girl, Jillian
All three of my dad's brothers and their families come - which means lots of uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins.
Morgan Kate and Uncle Kyle
We eat an enormous amount of food. Seriously, it's quite the spread. And then watch the littles ones hunt for Easter eggs.
How adorable is he?!?
Sometimes Kyle and I hunt with the little ones. After all, some of the eggs contain money. Hee, hee!
Oh, how I love these two!
After the kiddos find all of the eggs we usually sit around and laugh and talk and just catch up.
Mom, Daddy and the grands
We also have more mini photo shoots.
They were on a mission.
And we watch the precious, precious little ones do the things that little ones do. They definitely keep us entertained.
My mom does a pretty good job entertaining them. Here she is playing "Ring Around the Rosie". This was pre-fall-down-and-bump-my-head for Morgan Kate.

We also got to admire this brand new beauty. Zoe is my cousin's newest baby girl and she is just a doll. I don't think she cried once while we were there. So sweet!
It was such a nice Easter and such a beautiful day - the perfect opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and to enjoy much needed time with family. 

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I'm so glad you had a wonderful Easter!