Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It is spring break around these parts and my heart could not be any happier. I am just giddy. I love being at home. I love having no plans. And I love just relaxing and spending time with my girl. 

Monday we got up on our own. No alarm clock. Heaven. MK watched some cartoons and I watched a little bit of the Today Show while I sipped on my coffee. We had a leisure breakfast and then headed out to do a little grocery shopping for the week. MK was an absolute doll during our shopping expedition. After shopping it was lunch time and then we played outside for a while. We made an "Easter Egg Christmas tree" as Morgan Kate calls it - actually we just hung eggs from our magnolia tree in the front yard. It's so cute and was so easy. We also had a few egg hunts. While MK "rested", she doesn't like to call it nap time, I finished laundry, blogged a little and worked on t-shirt stuff. Travis got home from work as she was waking up from her "rest", so we headed out to Target because my girl is in desperate need of some new shoes. We found two pairs! Woo hoo - big deal for us. After our shoe shopping we came home and had, according to Morgan Kate, the best dinner ever - hot dogs, hash brown casserole and fresh corn on the cob. 

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but hey I try my best to be honest, we don't always eat dinner at our kitchen table. The weeks are so hectic and we are all so busy and so tired and many nights dinner is eaten on the go or in the den or anywhere other than the kitchen table. I grew up in a home where we ate dinner every night at the kitchen table and it meant the world to me. Seriously, I don't really remember ever eating dinner anywhere else in our house other than the kitchen table. Both of my parents worked and there were three of us, but they made sure that we always had a home cooked meal and that we always ate together at the same time and always sat at the kitchen table. When we had friends over we just pulled up another chair. I so want to be like that with my family and I'm trying really hard. It's been so easy this week because I have time to cook and plan and prepare, but I know I have to be better about it once spring break is over. Every time I feel overwhelmed or think I can't do it all, I think about my mom. She worked full-time, had three children and a husband that worked out of town and she still got everything done and more. If she didn't, I never knew about it. 

Back to spring break - Tuesday morning was pretty much a repeat of Monday morning, except we didn't have to grocery shop. Instead Morgan Kate got lots of time to play and I made two pillows for our front porch. We also had time for snuggling and reading and story time. Story time consisted of Morgan Kate (the teacher) reading to me and all of her babies. Sweetest thing ever. During "rest time" I blogged and baked chocolate chip cookies. This is the life.

I can only and hope and pray the rest of the week is this relaxing and rejuvenating. And in between the hoping and praying I am dreaming of summer.


momto8 said...

Happy Spring!!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm so glad you're having a wonderful Spring break!