Thursday, April 5, 2012

Questions about the March of Dimes

Questions you may or may not have about the March of Dimes and Team Morgan Kate...

1. What is the March of Dimes?
It's an organization that helps moms have full term pregnancies and researches problems that threaten the health of babies. It's not an organization just for premature babies. It's an organization that supports ALL babies. It was initially created by Franklin D. Roosevelt and was centered around polio.

2. Why are we affiliated with the March of Dimes?
Our daughter, Morgan Kate, was born at only 25 weeks. She weighed one pound and twelve ounces and was considered a micro-preemie. Just minutes after her birth she was given artificial surfactant to help her breathe. Artificial surfactant is just one medication/therapy that the March of Dimes helped to create. We want to continue to raise awareness about premature births and we want to continue to support this amazing organization.

3. Did the March of Dimes give you a bunch of money or pay off all of your medical bills? 
This is one of my favorite questions. And I can't help but laugh in my head when someone asks this. I think sometimes we are programmed to think that the only reason someone might support a cause or organization is because there was some sort of payoff. I guess in a way there was a payoff for us - our daughter's life. However, there was no financial payoff. We did not receive money from the March of Dimes and our medical bills were not paid by them either. And honestly, we never expected that. 

4. When is the walk?
There are numerous walks in South Carolina and nationwide for that matter. The two walks we typically participate in are the Orangeburg and Columbia walks. In 2010 we served as the Ambassador Family for the Orangeburg area - where Travis and I both grew up. It was an enormous honor and privilege. Last year we only participated in the Orangeburg walk because my brother was getting married the weekend of the Columbia walk. This year, due to our schedules, we are only participating in the Columbia walk. It's on Saturday, April 28th at 9:00am at the State Fairgrounds. 

5. What's the walk like?
The walk is so much fun! The whole morning is fun! We all meet up before the walk and gather together. The walk starts at the fairgrounds and goes through these gorgeous neighborhoods of downtown Columbia. There are two routes - one that is a little over two miles and one that's a little over four. After the walk one of the MOD sponsors usually gives out lunch and drinks. There's all sorts of activities and awards given. Many teams bring their own tents and have picnics, etc. For the past two years we have brought a tent for our team and we plan to do that again this year. Oh, and some participants walk the route, while others jog, run or whatever. There are tons of strollers and wagons -it's a day of FAMILY and FRIENDS.

6. How much are the Team Morgan Kate t-shirts and where does that money go?
Currently we have 27 t-shirt orders, so as of today the shirts are $9.75. If we reach 50 orders the price will go down. All orders are due April 16. A dollar of the t-shirt cost goes toward the March of Dimes, the remainder of the money goes to SC Embroidery, the company we are using for the shirts. 

7. What do the shirts look like?
The shirts are white and look like this...

They come in all sizes. It is extra to order sizes larger than XL. 

8. How do I order a t-shirt?
Just leave me a message in the comments section of this post or email me at Let me know your size and how many shirts you need. 

9. How do I donate to the March of Dimes?
You can use the purple button in the right sidebar or you can mail me a check made out to the March of Dimes. If you want to buy a t-shirt(s) and include your donation in that check, you can do that as well. Just make the check out to me -I'll take the t-shirt money out and put the rest in the March of Dimes pot. To date, we have over $217 in donations!!! 

10. How do I sign up to walk?
Techinally, you don't have to sign up, but the March of Dimes LOVES to see registered walkers. There is no fee, you just sign up online using the purple button in the sidebar. 

If there are any questions you still have please leave them in the comments section or email me at

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