Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring break has come and gone, but I am still reminiscing about our days of relaxation. Our days of sleeping in and sipping coffee. Days of snuggling and reading and playing. Days of hiding eggs and riding the tricycle and taking naps. 

Wednesday of spring break didn't prove to be as awesome as the rest of spring break. It was consumed with running errands and having to do things away from our house, which meant no relaxation whatsoever. I also managed to get stuck behind some ridiculous car in the emergency lane who was driving like a maniac and kicking up rocks on everyone else's car. But, Wednesday was Wednesday and then there was Thursday.

Thursday was our day on the lake. A gorgeous day. Bright sunshine and blue skies. All afternoon. Relaxation at it's finest.
Morgan Kate is our lake girl. She woke up Thursday morning asking to go to the lake. She willing puts on her lifejacket and sits so still while I am applying her sunscreen.
The minute we get everything settled, she is ready to ride. "Go fast, Daddy. Go fast!"
We rode around for a while and followed this duck for a good bit of time. MK enjoyed feeding him goldfish.
We then took off for Sandy Beach. MK was in heaven. Not only does she love digging in the sand and wading in the water, but she had the best time chasing every frog and lizard she saw.
She is our prissy tomboy. Seriously. The girl can be all girl - dresses, frills, polish and bows. And then in just a matter of seconds she's all boy - picking up bugs and creatures and getting covered in dirt. I love how versatile she can be.
I'm not sure who had more fun - MK or her daddy.
We had the best time. It was the perfect afternoon with my perfect little girl and hubby. Oh, how I love them!

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jan kessler said...

Looks like a fun day with family.....