Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wanted to let you all of you know that after I entered all donations and money from t-shirts we exceeded $1300 for the March of Dimes. Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Saturday we spent the day on Lake Murray, on my parents' new boat, celebrating Owens' birthday and Mother's Day. 

The first few minutes of the ride proved to be a little touchy for Hunter. He wasn't so sure about the boat and he was even more unsure of his frog puddle jumper. This brought about lots of tears. However, once MK was on board he seemed to forget about everything and they both had the BEST time.
Is she a diva or what?!?
I mean, look at her face and that finger?!?
What are we going to do with her?!?
Like I said, once MK was on board, Hunter seemed to forget about everything and he even started moving and shaking to the music. He smiled all day long. 
My parent's new boat is a dream. Super nice, super comfortable and the best thing - room for all of us.
Daddy was perfectly content to sit back, relax and let us do all of the driving.
Travis was pretty content doing the same.
I told you, he literally grinned ear to ear all day long.
Owens got in a little driving time.
As did I. 
It was weekend full of fun, relaxation and family. My kind of weekend.


The Leviners said...

Fun times! I love your diva too! What's up with the finger!! C pointed her finger at me on Mother's Day and said "Alright sweetheart I'll be right back to give you love and hugs!". Too funny! Love that you all had a blast this past weekend! Love the pic of you driving the boat!

Kathy Hardison said...

Notice you didn't comment about me sitting back and relaxing...what's up with that :)