Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Folly Favorites Part 1

There may seriously be like six or seven parts to this Folly Favorites series. Here is part one.

1. The drive to Folly. Seriously. One of my favorite parts.

2. Waking up and seeing waves from the front porch and the marsh from the back porch

3. Breakfast at Folly with all of my family seated around the big table

4. Getting to see Kelly, Tommy and these precious, precious twins
 5. Seeing the excitement on my girl's face
6. Countless seafood dinners

7. No makeup, only mascara

8. Not using a hair dryer THE. ENTIRE. TIME.

9. Watching these two play on the beach
 10. Spending time with "my girls"
 11. Sitting on the front porch or under the house with family while listening to music and sipping on homemade peach daiquiris

12. Watching four men and a little girl battle a kite for hours on the beach
13. Not knowing whether to laugh or reprimand Gator for throwing mud at my girl
14. Seeing my girl in her puddle jumper EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. MK is super smart around the water and asked for her puddle jumper every day. She reminded us that she needed it.
15. Holding Abigail and Addison and not having another care in the world

16. Knowing the Addison Morgan has a fond love for pickles just like me and my Morgan Kate
17. Watching these two play and interact
18. No agenda and no set plans

19. Being able to wear a bathing suit and cover up almost everywhere we went

20. Sharing a room with my little family of three. MK doesn't sleep with us, so it was a treat to have her in our room. She had her own bed, but just knowing she was right there and hearing her little noises and breaths really made my heart content.
 21. Watching Uncle O and MK being so silly together
 22. Photo shoot with these beauties
 23. Getting to hang out with family that we don't see very often 

24. MK getting to spend time with cousins and second cousins 
 25. Piggly Wiggly designer glasses
 26. Seeing my love so happy 


Kathy Hardison said...

Love the post and the pics!

Anonymous said...

MK looks JUST like you in the picture with number 5!! Looks like y'all had the best time. What a fun family you have!
Ashleigh (Turner) :)