Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A little sidewalk chalk paint.

Last Monday I decided to try out one of my many DIY pins on my Pinterest boards. It sounded easy and I thought MK would love trying it out. The DIY pin was sidewalk chalk paint. It also worked out perfectly because I already had all "ingredients" on hand.
The directions called for one cup of cornstarch and one cup of water. Easy enough.
Mix well.
Then I poured a little of the concoction in a muffin tin. I had enough "stuff" to fill six muffin slots. I then added a few drops of food coloring, stirred and presto - Sidewalk Chalk Paint.
MK and I took it outside and got busy making our masterpieces.
It was funny because MK wasn't quite sure what to do at first. But, with a little coaching, she was well on her way.
It was fun, super easy to make and clean up and kept MK occupied for almost an hour. 
When I make it next time I will 1) make the colors much richer and 2) use the paint immediately after making. I made the paint and then got busy with something and by the time I finally took MK out to use it the cornstarch had fallen to the bottom of the muffin tin and the paint was way too watery. 
Oh, and I also make sure my muffin tins are clean. Apparently I had left a little cupcake residual. Oops.
Overall, it was a great DIY project and one I will definitely do again.


Anonymous said...

So much fun. We've done this numerous times and it is so much fun and EASY! Meagan Brockington

Jan Kessler said...

This looks like fun.

jan kessler said...

would like to do it with you and Morgan Kate. Let me know Love yall,


aunt jan