Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thirty-six years ago today my parents tied the knot.
They stood before family and friends and promised to always love one another. And that they have done.

They have been such an example for so many. I remember being a little girl and always wanting a marriage like my parents. I knew that life wasn't always perfect. I knew there were hard times. I knew they didn't see eye to eye on every single thing. But I also, always knew, that they loved one another. A whole lot. And that made the biggest difference in the world.

Not only do they love each other, but they have fun together and they have common interests. They both love to spend time on the boat and ride four wheelers. They both adore Folly Beach and enjoy margaritas. 

Happy anniversary, Mom and Daddy! Thank you for always being such an example. Love you both!


Kathy Hardison said...

Thank you Skeeta! LY&MY

The Leviners said...

Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents! Yes, they sure are an example to so many! Love them!