Monday, October 1, 2012

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Travis just returned from a nine day business trip to India. Nine. Long. Days. His travel spanned over an entire weekend, an entire week and 2/3 of the next weekend. I was miserable. I hate when he has to travel. I definitely am not good at the whole single mom thing or staying at home without him, but more than anything, I just miss him like crazy. He's my hubby, but he's also my absolute best friend and my heart just longs for him. Anywho. 

He left on a Friday. I took the day off so that I could help him pack and then take him to the airport. I probably should have just gone to work because I wasn't any help at home. I cried most of the day. I know, I'm a big baby. 
The tears continued at the airport. That explains my puffy eyes and nose. However, as we were walking into the airport I looked around and things were really put into perspective. There were lots of young military people probably getting ready to leave for months, maybe even a year. If they could do that, then I could do nine days. Or at least I could try. And I did try, but still with a few tears.
Thank goodness for the best invention in the world - FaceTime. It was my saving grace. India is about ten hours or so ahead of us, but luckily we worked it out so that at least once or twice a day we were able to talk and "see" each other. When we couldn't talk I was sure to send lots of pictures of Morgan Kate. Here she is blowing her daddy a kiss.
Some days we even took pictures together to send them to daddy. Thank goodness for iMessage as well. Free international texting as long as the international person is using Wi-Fi.
Between a crazy, busy week, being a single mom and having a terrible sinus infection, the week really did go by fairly fast. I had lots of things I planned to do - dinner out with friends, blogging, school work - you know, things like that. However, most nights I was in bed, asleep, by 8pm. I was exhausted. It was also easy to rest because I had awesome family members spending the week with me. My mom was here two nights, Owens and Trenholm came for a night and then Kyle spent the rest of the week. I so love having my family here!

Saturday afternoon finally arrived and we headed to the airport. The whole way there MK kept saying, "I missed Daddy more, so I get to hug him first." I adamantly disagree with the first part, but I allowed the latter. 
We were THRILLED to see Travis. We kept hugging him and kissing him and just smiling. We missed him so much. He arrived not only with a big smile, but lots of goodies. He brought MK the most precious little outfit and lots of little toys that make BIG noises. The outfit was awesome, the toys - not so much. Ha.
Morgan Kate hasn't let him out of her sight since. She keeps saying, "Daddy, you don't get on an airplane ever again." I like her way of thinking!


Elizabeth said...

So glad Travis back home with y'all! And MK's little quote sure did make me tear up! So sweet!

Kathy Hardison said...

Just saw this post! Loved it. So honest