Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Several months ago, I can't remember exactly how many, I stumbled across a blog about a precious little baby boy born much too soon. We all know I have a tender heart for any baby born early, so I was immediately drawn to it and stayed with it. I am still following the blog and the precious little boy and his family. And they all need as many prayers and positive thoughts as you can give. He's been there for a very long time, longer than MK's 107 day NICU stay, and I know he is weary. I know his parents are weary. My heart just breaks for them, but I keep praying. I keep checking in. I keep sending positive thoughts. Maybe you could as well.
Back when Morgan Kate was in the NICU I came across Lisa Leonard designs through one of the blogs I was reading. I ordered one of her necklaces and fell in love with her jewelry and her designs. The necklace was perfect and in some crazy, ridiculous way, it made me feel like a mom. I was reaching for anything during that time to make me feel like a mom since I didn't have my baby at home and this necklace helped fill a huge void. It made me feel "normal".
This past summer my girl decided to grab it off of my dresser and "play" with it. Unfortunately, the chain popped and I have yet to have it fixed.

The Christmas we brought MK home I found a bracelet that I absolutely fell in love with and I asked my mom for the bracelet, inscribed with all of MK's birth information. I literally wear it 
And since that time I've ordered another bracelet. Technically I didn't order it. I, once again, asked for it for Christmas one year. 
I adore her jewelry and I especially love anything personalized. I also think she's a pretty neat person. I don't know her personally, but I've gotten to know her through blog land. Yesterday I found out that she and her precious little family are coming out with a new reality show and there's a trailer for it. I watched it this afternoon and I can't wait. Check it out

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