Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coffee Date.

If we were having coffee today, or rather on this rainy night, we would curl up on my couch and sit by the fire. I would pray that you didn't notice all the stories my couch holds. Eight years, one baby girl, two indoor dogs, two grown-ups. My couch has definitely seen better days. For sure. Just today I added new couch to my list of hopes for 2013. 

Anyhoo, we would curl up on the couch, each of us on either end, and I would start by asking about you and how things are going your way. I love to listen. I do have a really bad habit of interrupting, but it's totally innocent. It's just that I realize that I have a thought or story or relevant detail to add and instead of waiting for a natural pause, I sometimes interrupt. Hey, at least I admit it. I just get so excited and I can't help it.

I would tell you that it's incredibly crazy how you can feel so rested one day and then be so overwhelmed with tiredness the next. Yesterday I felt caught up. Rested. Relaxed. And then, BAM, today. Today was my first day back at work in eighteen days and by noon I had hit a wall. I was exhausted and couldn't stop yawning. 

I would also tell you that regardless of the ridiculous time I have to get up, I was really excited to see my children. The boys and girls I left on December 14. And while I was excited to see their faces and hear their stories of Christmas break, I was also kind of anxious. Anxious about what they might say or ask regarding Sandy Hook. Anxious about whether they would be feeling anxious themselves. It was weighing heavy on my mind before bed yesterday and I dreamed about it all night. Our principal had emailed us just days before our return and asked us to all come early (if possible) today and to all wear our school t-shirts. She wanted the children to feel welcomed and comfortable and safe. I dreamed that I was late to work, didn't wear the right shirt and left my classroom keys at home. I was relieved to wake up and realize it was all a dream. I got to work early, wore the right shirt and I carried my classroom keys in my pocket all day long. Numerous times during the day I found myself playing out different scenarios in my head. What would I do right this second? Would I be able to lock my door? What about the windows? I don't have closets in my room, what would we do?  

If we were having coffee tonight, I would also tell you that the registration form for next year came home in MK's preschool folder. Already?!? Next year?!? Wowzers. I might then tell you that we are going to delay MK's start to five year old kindergarten, so she will continue at her current preschool. It's something we have thought long and hard about. And we know the process might not be easy, but we've talked with lots of people, including our pediatrician, and we feel confident that we are making the right decision for Morgan Kate and for our family. 

I would then tell you that now that Christmas is all packed up and put away, I have this urge to clean and purge and re-do. I want a new couch. I want to paint our den/living area. I want to buy drapes. Did I really just say I wanted to buy drapes? I did. Because I do. I think they would add a lot to our living area and to our master bedroom. I have like 20+ crafty ideas I want to start. Okay, maybe not really 20+, but definitely a handful. 

I'd tell you that one of my hopes for this new year was to eat breakfast. So far, so good. I've successfully eaten breakfast for two days in a row. Only 363 left to go. 

I would wrap things up by telling you that 5:30am is going to be here in just a few short hours and I desperately need my beauty rest. Ha. 

Until next time.


Elizabeth said...

I have a bad habit of interrupting people (especially my hubby) and I'm working really hard on it this year! I love your coffee date posts! I may have to do one soon. :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I love this post!
I know a lot of people who have delayed the start of Kindergarten. It worked out well for them!