Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday we attended the wedding of Drs. Luke and Tina Hardison. 
That's right. They are both doctors. Luke, my first cousin, is finishing up his residency and Tina, his new wife, has her doctorate in pharmacy. 

It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Tina is so genuine and kind and caring. And it's obvious that they both love each other very much. 
Morgan Kate loves any party, but especially a wedding. She gets so excited. Every morning last week, the minute she woke up, she wanted to know how many more days until the wedding. She is definitely our party animal.
Jillian was one of the flower girls and she was precious. She wore her little brown cowboy boots with her dress and she was the cutest thing ever. So cute! In March (not August as I mentioned earlier - OOPS!), Jillian and Morgan Kate, will be flower girls in Leigh Anne's wedding. 
I was trying to get an updated picture of my brothers and I. MK thought she needed to be included.
Why is it that the funniest pictures are my favorite?!?
Such a stunning couple.
And while the picture above looks so sweet and kind, you should know that Owens was being absolutely ridiculous at the time and I just happened to "catch" this. 
These two had quite the LARGE time.
Mammie adores all of us, but each time she sees Kyle, she gives him a big kiss and whispers, "You know you are my favorite, right?!?" 
Tina and Luke during their first dance. 
 My beautiful momma and daddy.
It's no secret that I am emotional. I cry very easily. And most of the time I cry when I'm happy, not when I'm sad. The minute the music started at the ceremony my tears started and they lasted until all the  "dances" were through. I know, I'm ridiculous. I got especially emotional when Tina and her dad shared their dance. They happened to dance to the same song that my daddy and I danced to almost eight years ago. The song makes me emotional anyway, but with all my daddy and my family are experiencing right now, it made me even more emotional. 
Luke and Aunt Rhonda sharing their dance. 
Tina's dad plays the accordion and Mammie loved it. He played it at the rehearsal dinner Friday night and then again for a little while at the reception. Mammie said numerous times that she wished she could just take him home with her. Ha! She is a hot mess! 

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