Sunday, January 13, 2013

So, my plans of blogging more often haven't really come to life so much. I was doing great for all of about three days and then, BAM!, I stopped. I blame it all on winter. 
It's blah outside, the sun sets at 5:30 and I just have zero energy. I come home from work, do a few things around the house, watch a few recorded episodes of Doc McStuffins or Duck Dynasty with MK and Trav, eat dinner and then we all go to bed. Seriously. We are exhausted. 
This past weekend it has been in the high 70s and the sun has been so bright and we have been in heaven. I just wish it didn't all end at 5:30. This daylight savings thing is kind of a problem for me.
We returned today from a weekend in Charleston for a family wedding. It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding. I love family weddings. 
MK started running a fever today, so tomorrow we are headed to Dr. G's. I don't know if it's just viral or her ears or what, but hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow. I hate when my baby isn't well.

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Kathy Hardison said...

Fun weekend! Hope angel baby is feeling much better VERY SOON!