Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last January I recorded my hopes for the upcoming year. I like to look back and see which of those hopes turned into realities and which ones could still use some attention. 

This was last year

I hope to eat breakfast
*This was going fairly well until the end of 2013. I'm going to try and be better about this, but the bottom line is - I just don't like eating first thing in the morning. I don't ever wake up hungry. I wake up and want coffee. That.Is.It.

I hope to eat healthy or at least learn to eat better portions
*I think I've done pretty good with this one. When I do overeat and/or eat things that aren't good for me now, my body lets me know. 

I hope to soak in every single second with my baby girl.
*I try my best to do this. Some days I'm really good at it. Some days I could use some work. 

I hope to blog more
*This didn't happen. I actually blogged less. I'm working on it. So far, so good!

I hope that when my Daddy returns later this month to have his PSA level checked again,his levels will have decreased significantly
*His levels dropped continuously last year. He finished radiation in June, finished injections that same month and his PSA level is much, much lower. Recheck this March. Such a blessing!!!!

I hope to find inner peace with whatever the new year holds.
*This was my cryptic way of saying that I wanted to be okay if we had another baby and I wanted to be okay if we didn't have another baby. I'm sure some of you were not fooled by my "cryptic message". We were excited just a few months later (spring of 2013) when we got a positive pregnancy test. But that excitement was shattered when we had miscarriage #2 just a few weeks later. Finding any kind of inner peace since then has been hard. Really hard. It's gotten much better, but I still struggle sometimes. Since that time we've seen some different doctors and specialists and we are working on some things. But this year I'm determined that regardless of what happens, regardless of whether 2014 ends with our sweet family of three or new family of four, we're going to find that inner peace. It's time.

I hope to have more date nights with my one and only
*Accomplished! And continuing! We had one just this past weekend and have another already scheduled. 

I hope to start some sort of exercise
*I'm proud to say that I actually started this. Shocker of the year. I started by going to a Zumba class and then started running. Of course I slacked off during the holidays, but I plan to get back  at it ASAP.

I hope to find a church that we really enjoy
*MK has started going to choir and Mission Friends and she loves it. We plan to visit as a family very soon.

I hope to re-do our family room
*We painted. We bought a new couch. We did some re-decorating. ACCOMPLISHED. Very proud of this.

I hope to budget our money better
*Always a work in progress. Should really work out with all of my dental expenses. NOT!

I hope to just enjoy every day.
*Working very hard at this, too. Aren't we all?!? I'm so guilty of rushing to the weekend or the next holiday. I want to enjoy every single day - even Mondays. 

This year I don't have a list of hopes quite like last year. My perspective is a bit different. 

This year I just want to

Be happy. Be healthy. Be thankful. Be with the ones I love. Be a giver. Be a doer. Be full of life!


Elizabeth said...

I am so very sorry to hear about your miscarriage! I know how painful it is, both physically & emotionally to try to search for answers. I will be praying for you! I have been struggling with whether or not I feel our family is complete. I would love another baby and I want nothing more than to give Addison a sibling, but after all of the challenges we faced just to get her here, I'm not so sure. I'm praying for peace as well!
P.S. I love Zumba! :)

Kathy Hardison said...

PUSH has always been my guide for life (Pray Until Something Happens). My "hope" for this year is to discern MY hopes and desires versus God's timing.