Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday fun.

 We had such a fun Saturday.

Our day began with snuggles in bed, coffee and cereal. I love mornings that aren't rushed and that allow for a little laziness.

We then headed out for Jacqueline's, a friend from MK's school, 5th birthday party. She had her party at Build-A-Bear and it was so much fun. 
The kiddos had THE best time! And the staff did SUCH a great job with everything. 
MK made a bear, dressed her in a "dance outfit" and named her Snowball. MK hasn't put her down since yesterday morning.
After building their bears, we headed to the carousel for rides and cake.
What child doesn't love a carousel? And serving cake afterward is genius because then the children don't complain about having to get off.
After all of the birthday fun, we headed to grab a bite for lunch and then took MK to see Frozen.
Yes, we are those parents who had not yet taken their child to see THE movie of the season. MK's dance class is dancing to one of the songs in the movie and MK was basically the only child who didn't know the song. Oops! I definitely can't have that.
It was such a cute movie and MK was an angel. I mean, I didn't expect anything less, but sitting for almost two hours can sometimes be tricky, even for grown-ups. She never moved, except for when she needed more popcorn.

Saturday was a full, fun, family day! 
The above picture has nothing to do with our Saturday. As I was getting pictures off of my phone, I came across this "selfie". She is quite the mess!

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Kathy Hardison said...

Love that girl!!!! and miss her