Friday, October 3, 2008

Morgan Kate had a much better day! Everyone was so thankful, especially Mommy. There were no chest x-rays, no blood work, no echocardiograms, no eye exams and no baths - just lots of time for sleeping and kangarooing.

Morgan Kate stayed at about 35-40% oxygen all day. She typically does really well when she is on her stomach, but she even did well on her back today. The doctors are continuing to give her the lasix to help with the fluid on her lungs. Morgan Kate will have another chest x-ray in the morning. She is continuing to tolerate her feeds and gets really fussy right before the next feeding. Tonight she weighed in at 2 pounds and 15 ounces. She did not gain any weight, but she didn't lose any either. Way to go, Morgan Kate!

On a funny note...for the past few days Morgan Kate has been wearing pink-striped booties to keep her little toes warm. They are absolutely adorable! A little large, but way cute. Anyway, when I got to the hospital this morning she had one bootie on her foot and the other was on one of her hands. Apparently, she would not leave her feeding tube or nasal cannula (clear tube that delivers oxygen) alone. She kept trying to pull them out with her tiny little fingers. The nurse had decided that the bootie now needed to serve as a glove. Of course my camera battery was dead and I missed this photo opportunity, but it still brought a smile to my face.


Hollie Heming said...

Wow! Morgan Kate really is a fighter! She's tired of all that stuff on her. I think that's a good sign that she's getting so much closer to being able to be without it all. Before you know it, she'll be at home with you free of all the wires and tubes. I can't wait for that day!! I'm still praying for more weight gain. Love you!

charlotte said...

Morgan Kate is doing great! She is so lucky to have you and travis with her everyday. You two are great parents. I pray she continues to have great days and gets to go home soon.