Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today was another busy day for Morgan Kate and an overwhelming one for Mommy.

The day began with another chest x-ray. Morgan Kate is still taking the lasix for the fluid on her lungs and they wanted to see if it was doing the trick. The technician reported that the lungs looked normal. 

Dr. Y ordered some blood work this morning to check Morgan Kate's hematocrit level (the amount of blood that is made up of red blood cells). Dr. Y was concerned about her increasing oxygen and the fact that she looked a little pale. The doctors check her hematocrit level every Monday to make sure she is not anemic. Anemia is very common in premature babies and is even termed "anemia of prematurity". Anemia can be the cause of several problems, increasing oxygen being one of them. Red blood cells move through your body delivering oxygen - if there aren't enough red blood cells then there most likely is not enough oxygen being moved through the body. They like for the hematocrit level to be 30 or above. This past Monday the level was 31 and today that same number had dropped to 22, therefore, indicating the need for a blood transfusion. In order to give her the blood they had to insert an IV in her arm - her veins were large enough this time to do a basic IV. I was glad they didn't have to do a line in her arm or in her leg like before, but the IV in her wrist looked very uncomfortable and she absolutely hates it. They started the transfusion around 3 pm and were finished around 5:30 pm. She tolerated the transfusion well, but was very fussy. She likes to move her arms around a lot and pull them up near her face for comfort. However, with the IV and huge board that her wrist is taped to she was not able to do this. About five minutes after the transfusion was done it was time for the RT to come in and suction Morgan Kate. The RT's are wonderful and very gentle with Morgan Kate, but she still hates it. She just cries and wiggles around. Needless to say she was miserable and I was a wreck.

Kaky was here this weekend to spend time with Morgan Kate. It may be a few weekends before she gets back because of her own surgery. :( It was a very emotional day knowing that Morgan Kate was having a hard time and knowing that Kaky has to have surgery on Wednesday. However, we were all together and that made it better. Kaky and I left the hospital around 7 pm to have dinner and get her on the road to Orangeburg. When we left the hospital Morgan Kate was still trying to get comfortable and her oxygen was still around 44%. I was really discouraged because I thought the blood transfusion should "fix" things immediately. I think I cried most of the way home.

Trav and I ate a very quick dinner and headed back up to the hospital. Morgan Kate had a terrific nurse, her oxygen was down to 33% and she weighed in at three pounds and one ounce. That's right - our little girl is growing like a weed! We were both super excited and my heart felt so much better! It may have started off as a rough day, but it definitely ended on a good note. 

My devotion on Thursday morning ended by saying that God teaches big lessons through small things. It was very fitting because I know that God is using this little girl to teach me so many big things. 

Prayer Requests:
-Please pray that the blood transfusion will help with Morgan Kate's need for oxygen.
-Please continue to pray for Morgan Kate's lungs.
-Please pray for Kaky to have a speedy recovery. I'm not sure what we are going to do without her for a few weeks! She will be missed badly!

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micki said...

Not only does Morgan Kate amaze me but, Heather, YOU amaze me. You are so strong. You may not think it but you are doing so well. You also amaze me on how you are like a super size sponge soaking up all of the medical information and being able to explain it. You could certainly be a nurse if you ever want a career change. You have a very strong little girl who is fighting for you and Trav and your presence there with her gives her a reason to fight. The presence of parents of premature infant definetly makes a difference in how fast they gain weight and improve day to day. So stay strong, pray hard, and know there are so many people supporting you, thinking of you, and praying for you. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!

Hollie Heming said...

God can work miracles through the smallest vessels (even 3 lb, 1 oz babies. WOW!). He is watching over you and there are more people praying for you than you know. I have shared your story and blog with many friends and family and many ask about you and how Morgan Kate is doing. You have such a strong faith and through that God will continue to bless your little girl. She is a precious gift from Him and He has big plans for all of you! We'll keep praying. Love you!