Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy, busy day this way. Busy, busy day on very little sleep. However, we are napping when we can and sliding in sleep at any possible time of the day.

Morgan Kate's blood work from yesterday came back and the results were not what the doctor wanted. I'm not really sure what they were testing for or the "correct terms". I have not been as "medically savvy" since leaving the NICU. My brain just can't hold much more. I do know they were checking her electrolytes and one other thing - something nutritional. One of her electrolytes was elevated and the nutritional number was much lower than they wanted meaning she is not getting the calories she needs. So, we went back for more blood work. Yesterday they pricked her heel and today they drew blood from her arm which is supposed to be more accurate. For any of you that know me, I HATE having blood drawn. Really. It makes me nauseous and I get really pale and usually I like having my mom right there so I can squeeze the life out of her hand. While I was not having blood drawn today, I was holding my precious little daughter who was screaming bloody murder and trying with everything she has to wiggle out of my grip. After thoroughly inspecting both arms to find anything that resembled a vein we were on our way. The blood work came back this afternoon and her electrolytes were fine. The other test, the "nutritional" one, will be done again in a few days. 

Our game plan after meeting with Dr. G this morning is to continue the two hour feeds for the next few days. Wow. My eyes hurt just typing that. She has been tolerating those feeds very well. We have also changed her reflux meds. She was taking Omeprazole (sister to Prevacid) and today they switched her to Prevacid. We are trying everything we can. She also going to take a med to assist with the motility of her stomach - basically moving "things" through. It's possible that her stomach is not emptying quick enough. If things don't improve in the next few days then they will do a PH probe. This involves running a tube down her nose, through her esophagus and into her stomach. It will stay there for 24 hours and measure the amount of reflux and how high/low the reflux is. Hopefully, the meds will do the trick. I am just glad we have a game plan and know what to expect next. 

This afternoon we met with a speech-pathologist (I told you it was a busy day) and she gave us some great tips regarding her oral aversion, as well as the reflux. She watched me feed Morgan Kate and she attempted to feed her as well. She thinks that MK does have an oral aversion, but that more of her issues are from the reflux. 

Well, I am now on duty and another bottle is waiting...


Kelly Lee said...

I'm so glad her blood work has come back normal. I can only imagine how you feel holding her while she gets pricked. I think that is a family trait, b/c even me being older I can't stand having my blood work done and to tell you the truth either can the nurse b/c she can never get my veins. Anways. Thinking about you and hoping the new medicine will help and give her some relief with her tummy. She looked so cute bundled up in the pics yesterday. Praying that each day gets better! Tell Trav hello and give Morgan Kate a big hug and kiss from us.

Sherry Pyle said...

Its great her blood work came back normal!!!
I can only imagine how difficult these days are.
Joyous because of your precious daughter being home!! Difficult to function without sleep.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Morgan kate looks so healthy and is so beautiful.
Someday when she is older she will be so proud of how devoted you all are to her.
Its one thing to love our children, but so awesome when they finally realize how much you have already done for them and sacrificed for them.
I will pray the feedings go better and that the new meds help.
Your strength is amazing and I can tell your faith is strong. Keep up the good job your doing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad her electrolytes came back with a positive outcome. We will continue to pray that you, Travis and Morgan Kate get some sleep and that things will be better very soon. We are praying that the meds get her tummy better. We Love you and send hugs and kisses to all of you.
Love, Aunt Jan

The Q family said...

I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you. I SO know the extreme exhaustion you are facing. It is not fun and feels like it will last forever. Hang in there, it does get better, I promise. I really hope they can get things figured out for MK, Prevacid worked for us when nothing else would. Hang in there, Mama. Don't forget to rest in the arms of our God. I know I forgot to do that often when I was there! You're doing great and every day gets closer to the "normal" that every Mama dreams of!
Praying for you all, Angel

Megan Thiel said...

Wow, I am still amazed at how much alike our two girls are! I'm glad the electrolyte test came back good today. Kayley is having a rough day today...super fussy and not eating well. We aren't sure if it is the Reglan or if the peas we just started yesterday aren't agreeing with her. I swear it is always something! Anyway, thinking of you guys and hoping you get some sleep!


Melissa and Sam said...

Glad the results came back great! I sure hope MK's doctor gets her tummy "fixed". I love her all bundled up- how cute! Still praying for you and MK!
Love and Prayers,

Terry Sowell said...

Do you realize how much you have learned in the last few months??? Wow! You seem to be getting excellent medical care. Praise the Lord! We love you! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

okay so i geuss i didnt get the blood/ needle hatred thing like you and kelly. haha!
praying for yall!
love bunches, maggie