Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okay y'all. We need some serious help in the napping department. This little girl is just will not nap. And I would be okay with that IF she wasn't such a bear later in the day. Yes, my sweet little precious baby girl turns into to quite the bear in the afternoon. 

I tried letting her nap this morning and it only last for thirty minutes. She then started crying. And no, I didn't run right in and scoop her. I let her cry. Matter of fact, I let her cry for almost twenty minutes. I then went in, patted her shoulder and rubbed her head. She calmed down for about five minutes and then the crying started again. I continued to let her cry and when I went in about ten minutes later she immediately stopped and gave me this humongous grin. Now, please tell me. What am I supposed to do when she pulls that card? This afternoon she napped for about thirty more minutes and that was it. 

The past several nights she has been so cranky. It starts around 6 each evening and lasts until we put her to bed. Calling her cranky is probably not the best term to use. This girl loses control. Screaming, crying, arms flailing, red face, legs kicking, it's rough. Tonight we decided to try something different. Before she could get real fussy we took her for a walk. By the end of the walk she was really sleepy. We came inside and "tag teamed" the situation. I quickly got her dressed and ready for bed, while Trav got her bottle and meds ready. By 7:45 she was in his arms and taking her bottle. No crying. No screaming. Happy little baby. She took her bottle and she was out. I guess we were putting her to bed too late and her crankiness was just her way of saying, "Hey Mom, I would like to go to bed earlier." No problem baby girl, we will definitely be putting you to bed earlier. 


Wendy S said...

I KNOW that keeping her awake is not easy...however, you may want to try one longer nap each day. Wait until later in the day to let her go down and see if she is just ready for one long nap.

Just a thought...I do NOT pretend to know what in the world I am talking about!!!! Miss you!!

Wendy S

Kathy Hardison said...

All of this is such a learning experience, you try something and if it doesn't seem to work, you try something else. Main thing is you and Trav are so in tune to her that you knew you might should try something else. You are doing an awesome job! Give her a kiss! Kaky

Stephanie said...

I saw your comment over on another blog and wanted to check out your precious little girl. You have a beautiful family!!!

My daughter,Allie, doesn't do naps either. She cat naps and 30 minutes is like two hours for her..a couple a day and that's it. Nighttimes are off right now too..she went from sleeping through the night to waking up every few hours. I tell ya though..when she looks at me and smiles I can't leave her either! They know how to get to us :)

Stephanie said...

I was browsing through your blog and saw Morgan kate with a Gamecocks shirt on...are you guys in SC? I'm in Greenville and when I saw her cute outfit it caught my eye!

Christian & Lorena Bianchi said...

Hi Heather!

What I've learned so far about Augstina and napping is this:

1. She likes to fall asleep in my arms and I have to wait until she is completely out to put her in her crib, otherwise she will wake up, cry her eyes out and I have to wait another 20 minutes for her to settle down.
2. I don't let her cry it out, I found out that preemies have a hard time soothing themselves, something that has to to with their immature nervous system.
3. Having constant phisical contact is very important for a preemie because of all the time they spent outside the womb. It's very normal for a preemie baby to want to be held at all times. So I don't worry about holding her too much. (you can spoil a child rotten with so many other things except loving them too much. Trust me, the time will come where we won't even be able to catch up with the to hug them or kiss them, so enjoy!!)
4.Agustina has different napping stages, there are weeks where she sleeps and sleeps and other weeks where I can't get her to nap for more than 15 minutes and gets very cranky. I figured out it happens every two or three weeks, and that it's completely normal.
5. At night what has done wonders for me is that I bathe her in very dim lights, with no play time, just relaxing music and a relaxing soap, then very quietly I get her dressed, feed her and put her too bed. She falls asleep immediatly. She associates this routine with sleeping so she doesn't even want to be held at night, just put to bed!
6. Finally, don't let her get too tired, observe her and you will be able to tell when she is getting sleepy, rock her in your arms and she will probably fall asleep. If she gets tired or fussy she probably will be to irritable to nap.

Hope this info is helpful to you and your precious Morgan Kate. I wish her wonderful dreams and long naps!!



Jani Kessler said...

She is so precious. Love the picture. Different ways work for different babies even preemies. I think you and Travis are an awesome team working so well together and very aware of what is right for your baby girl. We love you and cannot wait to spend some time with you, Travis and Morgan Kate. Lots of Hugs and Kisses to all of you.

Aunt J

Elizabeth Graham said...

Ever thought of a naptime routine since having a bedtime routine works so well? Maybe cut off the lights, close the blinds, and put on the same cd of lullabies every time? Actually... I have no idea! Noah was so wonderful with naps. I had him on a schedule at 4 months that he stuck to perfectly. Juliana on the other hand... wow... I just threw all that napping business out the window. I try and try, but she wakes up at different times in the morning (sometimes as early as 6 or 7... sometimes as late as 10!)... Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night 3 times... sometimes she sleeps 14 hours straight. if I try to wake her up at the same time every morning, she just refuses and will lay there like a little limp doll and sleep. Sometimes she naps for 30 minutes, sometimes for 3 hours. Maybe its a girl thing? You figure it out, you let me know! :-) I swear sometimes shes trying to kill me.

Hollie Heming said...

At four months, Will changed his sleeping habits for about two weeks. He wouldn't nap, woke up frequently at night, etc. MK is almost to four months if you go by her due date. Maybe that could be it? Look up four month wakefulness online. You'll get a lot of info.

Jenny Garris said...

Ugh! Naps! Joel started teething a little before 4 months old, and I blamed that, but he truthfully has never been a good napper! However, when we went to one nap (at 9 months) he did much better! Lately has been good (2 or more hours for his nap) but I know it can change in an instant! Good luck--wish I could help you on this one! :)
p.s. I do think there is truth in the concept of being tired out, but not too tired, and eating the right amount, but not too little or too much. But I can't say that I have figured it out!

Denise said...

We had the same problem with Parker...and we had to drive him around to get him to calm down at night. It stunk, but after a couple weeks of it, he finally he stopped and went to be just fine. As far as napping - Parker would cry himself to sleep a lot when we started establishing napping. It sucked too. He would cry for 30 minutes - then fuss for 15, then finally fall asleep and sleep for 2 hours. I got in the habit of putting head phones on and watching movies on my laptop. I could still hear enough, of course, but it helped me with my anxiousness about it.

unfortunately, what works for one person, may not work for another. It's all trial and error...you learn and get used to it. I do know that it will all work out!

If you ever need to talk or vent - let me know, I am here to listen!

p.s. you guys are great parents - never doubt that!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

We call the afternoon crankiness the "witching hour" at my house. This too shall pass.
:) Love ya!