Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday Raven and I spent several hours at the hospital with Melissa, Sam and sweet baby Caroline. It was such an exciting day for everyone. We spent a lot of time looking at that sweet baby and then looking some more. She is absolutely precious and perfect in every way.

I must admit I was a little nervous watching Caroline. I haven't been around another newborn baby since Morgan Kate was born. I've almost forgotten what it's like to be around a newborn baby born outside of the NICU. The entire time we were with her I kept thinking that she should have a pulse ox on or some kind of monitor. I kept looking for a screen that would show me her oxygen sats and heart rate. I kept wanting to pull back her blankets just to make sure she was still breathing. I wanted to make sure she was super warm so that her temperature didn't drop. It was quite funny all the thoughts running through my head.

Another thing I was thinking about while with Caroline was germs. Crazy, right? I have never really been big on germs. I mean I wash my hands, I try to keep a clean house, but I have always had my dad's mindset about germs. He says that a little bit of germs never hurt anyone. That was all until Miss Morgan Kate arrived and we spent almost four months in the NICU. It's safe to say that I am now a "germ-a-phob". I think about germs all the time. Anytime I touch a doorknob or sink faucet or car door handle. Really anything and everything makes me think of germs. We have a bottle of hand sanitizer in every room of our house. My hands are so dry and cracked, but germ free or so I hope. I cringe at the mere thought of anyone touching Morgan Kate's hands because she keeps them in her mouth so much. I even devised numerous inventions, in my mind of course, on how to keep her hands germ free. While at the hospital yesterday we helped move the Leviner family to a new room. A kind nurse was pushing Melissa down the hall and Sam was pushing Caroline in her little bassinet. I know it's crazy, but I the whole time I was thinking I hope she doesn't catch anything out here in the hallway. I found myself being so proud of Melissa when she asked people to wash their hands before holding or handling Caroline. I know, I know. I realize that I am a bit extreme and I am sure that I will eventually calm down and come back to reality. However, for the time being I am perfectly okay and content being a "germ-a-phob".


Newman Family said...

I am the same way about washing my hands so much that they are cracking and having hand sanitizer in every room in the house. I think it all comes along with having a preemie that was in the NICU for as long as our babies were. I feel the same way about people touching Brandon's hands too since they are constantly in his mouth.

Stephanie said...

You absolutely have every reason in the world to be worried about germs! Glad you got to spend some time with exciting!!

Jason and Talyse Burkett said...

I can relate completely! I can't go anywhere without my hand sanitizer now! Funny what you said about the monitors. My mom and I were watching a show the other day and they had a baby, and we were both sitting there thinking, where are the wires?? Crazy how all of your thinking changes after a NICU experience!

MaggieBrown said...

This is such a precious story, very inspiring. I have a suggestion for you that may bring you a little peace in this germ-filled world. There is a great new program out called Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles ages 2 - 7. Your little ones will learn in a mom-invented, fun and drug-free way how to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs. Check it out, its priceless!

Give your kids a PLACE to give their germs- instead of you!