Friday, May 15, 2009

Morgan Kate had her second PT session of the week today and she did fantastic. She is such a hard worker. Today we worked on sitting up, rolling over both ways, and even attempted something similar to crawling. She is absolutely amazing!


Special prayer request tonight.

In the right hand sidebar there is a link for the Wagner family. Again, another couple that I have never met in person, but yet a couple that has touched my heart in many, many ways. Their beautiful baby girl, Elise, was born on March 7th. She was twelve weeks early and only weighed two pounds and eleven ounces. Elise has made tremendous progress and is oh so close to coming home. However, recently while eating she has been having "spells" where she can't breathe and is unresponsive. As of this morning she was scheduled to be discharged this Sunday. Yes, in just two short days. Can you even begin to imagine how excited her parents were? Unfortunately this afternoon or early this evening she had another "spell", so she will not be coming home this Sunday. 

I remember the NICU days so well. They are never far from my mind. And I remember how I longed to bring Morgan Kate home. Parts of me ached to have her here and other parts of me were terrified to leave the NICU. I know that Elise's parents have to feel the same way. They want her home so badly, but they also want to make sure that she is completely ready. Please pray that God will give them courage and strength and please also pray that Elise will grow out of these "spells" and be ready to come home in no time. 

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