Monday, September 21, 2009

Nap time used to be somewhat of a struggle for me. You may remember this post or possibly even this one. It took us quite a while to get nap time under control. But we did. Now we have a new struggle. The sippy cup.

We have tried this cup.

And this cup.

And this one.

And this one.

And even this one.
So far? No luck. Morgan Kate either just chews on the spout or throws the cup on the ground. I don't really care which cup we end up with, assuming we ever figure this thing out. I just want to make sure that she can eventually drink from something other than her bottle. Our pediatrician, Dr. G, wants her off of the bottle by 15 months (12 months adjusted). I realize that we have a few months until that time, but I would really prefer this be a gradual change and not cold turkey. Any help, suggestions, ideas? I will tell you this. One, when we try to let her drink from a regular cup she just sticks her tongue in the cup and will not drink. Two, she doesn't get the straw cup (very last picture) at all. Totally confuses her. And three, she loves for us to collect water in a straw and drop it into her mouth.

And just because. A picture of MK in some of her new fall clothes.


Tasha said...

Hey Heather,

This is Natasha, Melissa's friend from school. Anyhow, Brycen didn't want to drink out of a cup at first either...we were just like you we bought every cup we could find and he just wanted no part of it. It really just kind of clicked on day, there was nothing magical to it. He did like the gerber cups with the spout that was soft. Eventually they will drink out of anything. Hang in there!! Morgan Kate is getting so big!! She is surely a cutie pie.


wendy s. said...

are you giving her juice at all yet? with sarah...I had to put a little sweet stuff in the cup to make her want it. i found she would not work to get milk out of the cup when she knew she could get it from a bottle....good luck!!

Paula71 said...

I work at a daycare and we have experience with several cups. The children usually start at 8 months with water or juice in a rubber spout cup like the first one. Once they get the hang of it we move them over to the First Years disposable cups. We wash them in the dishwasher every day and they seem to last for a long time and they are cheap and easy to replace.

Jenny Garris said...

I agree with Wendy. Joel never liked milk in his sippy cup, but he would love juice!! I did half apple juice/ half water and he loved it!

Newman Family said...

Morgan Kate looks so cute in her new fall outfit.

We are still not having luck with sippy cups either. I laughed when I saw all of the different ones you tried because I have done the same thing but Brandon also just chews on them. I joke that I should invest stock in sippy cups with the amount that I buy. Someone suggested the doidy cup. I didn't order it yet but plan on ordering it in the next few days. You can only get it on line.

Let me know if you find one that works.

Ashleigh Turner said...

We tried a lot of cups too!! I was a little (no, a lot!) stressed out b/c it seemed like Caroline was just not getting the hang of it. Then one day she did. The cups that worked the best were the cheap "take and toss" cups - they have the snap on lids and have a hard spout. (She just chewed on the soft spouts) I agree with the juice in the cup suggestion too. I worked with kids in therapy on cup drinking, and then I couldn't get my own child to do it! :) Good luck!! It should make you feel better to know that Donna and Hollie (I think) both had similiar posts on their blogs!!

The Fricks said...

Wes did the same thing! HATED his cup! I bet we bought him 15 different kinds. But one day, he finally got it, and started drinking. We were totally off of bottles at 15 months (no adjustment in age). All doctors say to have them off at 12 months, but both of mine have had bottles (at least at nighttime) until 15 months. She'll get her own time.

The Q family said...

One of my girls had a really hard time figuring out she had to actually suck on the cup to get anything out(or that there was anything in the cup to get out in the first place!). We used the Tuperware cups that are not spill proof(you know the ones that are just plain plastic with the clear lid like we had as babies). Once she figured out there was good stuff that comes out of the cup, she was more motivated to suck on other cups. It might take her awhile to have a strong enough suck(it is HARD to get stuff out of spillproof cups). If you don't want to buy new cups, you can just take the valve out of one and let her practice. Eventually, she will get it.

Martha Compton said...

2 thoughts:
1- take the plug out of the ones that are spill proof. That way the milk/juice will flow out without her having to suck. It helped Campbell figure out that liquid was supposed to come out.
2- Isn't she having a speech eval soon? You can ask the ST about it. I'm surprised her OT didn't work on it, ours did...