Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Travis and I first discussed the idea of me going back to work, we knew we had a lot of things to think about and consider. There were many, many things on that list, but only one consumed my every thought. It left me wide awake at night and kept my stomach tossing during the day. Going back to work meant leaving Morgan Kate. And leaving Morgan Kate meant finding someone we trusted wholeheartedly with our most prized possession.

We tossed around names. We talked with our pediatrician. We asked our friends and family for advice. All the while, I had a person in mind. A person who I knew we would be able to trust. A person I knew would take the absolute best care of her. A person I knew Morgan Kate would have fun with and learn so much from. A person I knew would keep her in line if she started to stray. And a person I knew that would love our baby girl. I just had to make sure that person was available and that that person was willing.

And she was.
Roddey was available and willing. Oh how our prayers were answered! I cannot even begin to explain how fortunate we are and we blessed we feel to have her in our lives. While there are mornings I struggle with actually leaving Morgan Kate, I never have anxiety about who I am leaving her with.

Being with Roddey has been so good for Morgan Kate and so good for us. In the first few days Morgan Kate shed some tears as we said our goodbyes. Just two weeks later her face lights up as we pull into the driveway each morning, she willing goes to Roddey and she barely has time to say goodbye to me. On the day of Morgan Kate's actual birthday we arrived that morning to find balloons waiting outside for MK. MK was overcome with excitement and I had to fight back the tears of a mommy who was overcome with such happiness. Throughout the day Roddey sends us texts and pictures of what Morgan Kate is doing. It puts such a smile on my face to see Morgan Kate so happy. At home MK talks constantly about "Wobbi" and all of her little friends. And in just two short weeks we have seen Morgan Kate just grow and flourish in all areas developmentally.

I know there are still going to be mornings where I struggle actually saying goodbye to MK. And there are probably going to be a few more mornings where MK sheds a tear or two herself. However, my heart and mind are at peace because I know that I am leaving my baby girl with someone who loves her and cares for just as their own.


Kathy Hardison said...

She truly is a God send! THanks to Roddey for loving our baby girl.

Heather said...

I am guessing this is your friend by the other little girl in the picture. What a great blessing it is to have friend like that. My best friend (of 25 years) watched my oldest until her family moved out of town. It broke my heart and I hated having to put her in daycare. It just about killed me.

She is at a great little center now that has 30 kids.

Anonymous said...

Roddey ADORES MK. She has the cutest stories of the things they do together everyday. I am so glad it all worked out for Roddey to keep her. Roddey is a natural when it comes to working with children. Of course, I am thrilled because I get to see MK all the time and our baby girls are growing up together! TOO FUN! Love y'all!